Archrival plotted corporator murder

Oct 11, 2011, 06:58 IST | Imran Gowhar

Police crack last month's broad daylight murder case, expose how main accused bought over Natraj's aide to get help to plot his killing

Police crack last month's broad daylight murder case, expose how main accused bought over Natraj's aide to get help to plot his killing

The city police have solved last month's broad daylight murder of S Natraj.

It was discovered that the killing was ordered by his archrival R Murugan after he got to know that the Gandhi Nagar corporator Natraj had hatched a plan to eliminate him.

Police apprehend the accused who killed S Natraj, a corporator,
last month

According to the police, Natraj actually wanted to bump off Murugan who contested the BBMP elections against him. The slain corporator even hired contract killers to get the job done.

But before Natraj could execute the plan, one of his aides leaked the information to Murugan, who eventually plotted Natraj's killing on October 1.

Murugan, who was arrested on Sunday, confessed his crime and said the former Corporator of Gandhi Nagar, Ashok B Daani, had given financial assistance for carrying out the killing.

So how the police cracked the case? A cell phone, which the assailants left behind at the scene of crime, helped the police solve the case.

During investigation, the cops established that Natraj had some grudges against his political opponent and noted flex maker Murugan.

Finally busted

Murugan told the police that Natraj used to harass and humiliate his friends and followers who supported the former in the BBMP election two years ago.

"He not only used to evict shops of my supporters from the roadside misusing his powers, but also tried to foist false cases against me.
I requested him with folded hands to leave us alone, but he continued harassing us," the police quoted Murugan as saying.

Aide poaching
He added that they poached Nataraj's close aide Rajendra alias Paul. Paul gave them crucial information about the Corporator's movements apparently for a price.

"This has helped us a great deal. Around nine months ago, Paul informed us that Natraj had hired a gang of 10 contract killers from Tamil Nadu to eliminate me.
Of late, I had been noticing that a car is following me wherever I go," said Murugan.

In desperation Murugan decided to eliminate Natraj before he could kill him.

"With the help of Paul I approached ex-corporator Daani, who not only supported my idea but even gave me Rs 1.5 lakh to execute the plan at the earliest," Murugan told the police.

Blood money
Confident of getting supports from others, Murugan with the help of his close aid Mani hired a few goons and offered them Rs 25 lakh to eliminate Natraj.

According to the police, Mani had offered an advance of Rs 5 lakh to Girish, a cab driver who in turn ganged up with fellow drivers Vijay Kumar, Mohan BC, V Srinivas, Nagesh, D R Girish, Naveen and Mahesh.
The gang has been keeping tabs on each and every movement of Natraj for the past eight months, but finally got success early last month.
"The gang attacked Natraj with lethal weapons when he was alone and fled the scene leaving the car (that they stole to mislead the cops) behind.

However in the melee, one of the accused left a mobile phone behind, which provided the police a vital clue to nab the assailants," said Jyothi Prakash Mirji, city police commissioner.

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