Are our stars obsessed with tweeting?

Published: 02 December, 2011 11:31 IST | Shaheen Parkar |

Thanks to microblogging sites, we know every movement that a star makes. But at times, they carry it so far that it is almost awkward. Here's reinterpreting some of the most quirky Tweets that our celebrities have come up with...

Thanks to microblogging sites, we know every movement that a star makes. But at times, they carry it so far that it is almost awkward. Here's reinterpreting some of the most quirky Tweets that our celebrities have come up with...

They could be promoting their movies, their causes or their pals. Or desiring a blueberry cheesecake or wondering why they are awake till morning on their micro-blogging sites.

Twitter updates of Bollywood stars can be both entertaining and irreverent. It also just so happens that in 140 characters they have to tell it all.

Here's a look at what some of the B-Town folks say and our take on what they actually mean...

Sonam Kapoor
I'm so excited! My friends are coming over for dinner...

Obviously it won't be enemies coming over to break bread together
I got a throat infection and had to cancel my holiday coz I had to finish dubbing! Feel bad for me please!
Feeling bad she can't flaunt her latest holiday wear
It's yoga with the heat on!
Just say hot yoga!

Gopal Varma
The best birthday msg I ever received was... "Mujhe bahut khush hai ki tere zindagi ka ek aur saal khatam ho gaya.... marte raho!"

No happy birthday to me!
I am confused about whether I like koloveri song becos I like it or becos everybody else likes it
I don't like Kolaveri.
Just hope that she has more Aishwarya than Abhishek
If it was a boy it would have been okay.
As a child I used 2 steal money frm fathers pocket nd I wntd to kil my teacher fr gvng hmewrk. What I detest most in this world are children nd this day I am forcefully reminded of them .. I wish everyone an unhappy childrens day
I don't believe in doing kidstuff.
I wonder which Gods heaven is the biggest?
I am an atheist.
(to Amitabh Bachchan) If u can please tweet ur feet I want to touch them in front of all the twitters
So that I can match your feat!

Abhishek Bachchan
Looking like ONE EYES JACK

I have an injury near the eye.
The next time you have to reach south Mumbai for a morning meeting, LEAVE THE NIGHT BEFORE!
I need to leave an hour earlier to keep my appointment.

Shirish Kunder

A rolling stone gathers kate moss.

They are linked and I am smart.
Tihar is Harvinder Singh's Walmart.
He will go in a slapfest spree
ODI started. FDI forgotten
Cricket is the religion of the masses.
One of the issues of having a sea-facing house is you always have your ass facing the rest of the city.
I live in a highrise
Is Pitbull related to Redbull?
I want to start a fight.
I'm disguised as myself.
Halloween was last month
Thanks Sharad Pawar, you made my day. I didn't know you had so much talent in you to take out so many jokes from me. Mr Pawar... Did you just tattoo the Congress logo on your cheek? Ohhh sorry, that's Harvinder Singh's handprint.
Hand it over to me for my wit

Boman Irani
This twitter is quite amazing. No matter the time, someone, somewhere on this planet is always awake!! You are never alone!

Insomnia rules
Its strange! When my favorite song plays on the radio I get excited, even though it is just a button away on my iPod!
Nostalgia works in mysterious ways. Yup.
A woman on a bike was such a liberating sight. Unfortunately with the pollution they are now compelled to head-dress like ninja turtles!
Something is better than nothing.

Mahesh Bhatt
Porn stars are looked as objects not as humans with spirit. The media glamorizes these porn stars to sell their own wares.

I hope Sunny Leone reads this once she gets out.
People who hate you are just the confused admirers..
And Bollywood is no exception...
Flower does not preach.
Only I do.

Salman Khan
Kal rath ko badaam khaya na aur subah ko bhi

That's how you put the damm in badaam!
Oye teri ! Pass word yaad aah gaya.
I am back to tweeting.

Shah Rukh Khan
At the Goa film festival...wearing a suit in goa...kinda takes away the spirit of the place...feel like a sore thumb...

All for the Bermuda shorts you claimed to be wearing inside!
Its quite amazing the extent of opinions i read about public figures. at times it
Can only be best described as artificial hallucinations.

Bipasha Basu
My secret is tht I ACTUALLY EAT N WORK OUT!N most importantly, I am a HAPPY GIRL who loves to live:)

Actually, I work out a LOT.
Anyways sending love to all! Thank you!
Posting a tweet is way easier.

Sonakshi Sinha
Too cold. And too early.

Do I have to come on time?
The calm before the storm. Or is it the other way around?
Can you brush up on the proverbs?
Mickey Mouse's birthday today! Wishing him, Mini style ;)
Looney toons.

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