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Apr 30, 2013, 00:52 IST | Soma Das

While there may be a slew of matrimonial and dating websites, ConfiMatch, based on the Game Theory of decision-making, helps you to ask someone out sans the awkwardness

Often, you like that special person at work or in that gang of buddies that you hang out with but are unable to ask out because it is too awkward. Singletons in the city, in search of their soulmate, ConfiMatch has a unique proposition for you. The website helps in acting as a platform for bringing you and your love interest discreetly together and getting the message across.

ConfiMatch is a platform for people to romance people they already know

Confimatch has been conceptualised by Ceder Refaeli who works in the field of Game Theory, a study in Mathematics and Economics that deals with decision-making. “ConfiMatch gives you the ability to ask and you can either profit by receiving a ‘yes’ answer or not lose anything by keeping this offer confidential,” says Refaeli, who developed the site while studying at the London School of Economics, England.

He explains that the site is all about joining the right people together. “It is often risky and unwise to ask a colleague in your workplace for a romantic date because if he or she doesn’t feel the same as you, it will change the nature of your working environment forever. ConfiMatch gives you the ability to check if someone else is interested in dating you without revealing your identity.”

The process involved is as follows: you submit your email ID and your potential partner’s email to the website, and if the potential partner feels the same as you, both of you will receive an email from the site. And if not, they will never know you ever checked.

“ConfiMatch doesn’t connect you to anyone you don’t already know. You only need to register your as well as your romantic interest’s email ID. It’s simpler, faster and more useful than any alternative in the market,” he reminds us.  

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