Aren't these Bollywood stars feeling the Mumbai heat?

Updated: Dec 01, 2014, 11:08 IST | Urmimala Banerjee & Vidya Prabhu |

From leather jackets to boots, some celebs don’t give a hoot about the weather when it comes to dressing up 

There’s winter and there’s the pleasantly cool climate that Mumbaikars choose to call winter. Ask anyone who has braved the cold in north India and you’d get a smirk when you quiz him or her about Mumbai’s ‘winter’. One doesn’t even need to check the weather report to know that in spite of it being the end of November, the city’s temperatures have barely dipped. But lovers of cool that we are, we seem to want to celebrate the nip in the air at night (the days still have us breaking into a sweat but we want to ignore that). 

What’s interesting then is how Bollywood chooses to (pun intended) throw caution to the winds. If some of tinseltown’s celeb outings are any indication, our actors seem to be living in a climate bubble of their own, and aren’t checking the weather before choosing their attire. What else can possibly explain their decision to tog out in jackets, hooded jackets, trench coats, shawls and boots? There’s no doubt that they make for great fashion statements, but it seems they are out of touch with reality.

We bring you some instances where Bollywood has indulged in sartorial blunders, thanks to their love for winter wear.

Full marks for the oversized tote for its functionality, but we don’t know what purpose Alia Bhatt’s knee-high boots and a leather jacket serve. If she  steps out in Mumbai’s sweltering heat, she’ll know what we are talking about

It’s  rare to see Abhay Deol without a jacket, coat or waistcoat irrespective of the weather. His girlfriend, Preeti Desai, is no exception. Check out those high boots. Looks like she’s off on a hunting trip

Imran Khan is looking dapper but the blazer is again a no-no in Mumbai’s weather

Sidharth Malhotra seems to be missing the cool climes of Delhi. Only that could be the reason why he  opted to wear a blazer in the city’s humid weather 

Kalki Koechlin’s floral jacket is pretty but  out of place. Time to  rethink on the practicality of your ensemble, Ms Koechlin? 

Soha Ali Khan could have rocked this look with sheer tights, but she took things too far by wearing tights under a skirt and teaming them with boots

Anushka Sharma is showing off her casual, cool avatar, but truth be told, it is an effort down the drain. The boots are clearly unwarranted

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Huma Qureshi’s trench coat looks great except that wearing it in our city just doesn’t make sense 

Ranbir Kapoor loves his leather jackets and caps but this avatar makes it seem like he is in Eskimo land

Winter fashion: The Mumbai Way

While we might scoff at our stars for sporting clothes that seem out of place, let’s admit that we do ape their style. Here are a few tips from designers on how to look fashionable and yet, stay cool
this season:

>> Fashion designer Delna Poonawalla thinks that one can still opt for layering. She says, “A cotton-printed jacket is great for Mumbai weather. It can be worn with a plain tee or fitted jeans. Metallic or embellished bolero jackets in cool fabrics are a great option for evening wear and can uplift even a simple outfit.”

>> One of the accessories that can be sported with flair in Mumbai is scarves. Fashion designer Anjalee Kapoor states, “People should be open to draping scarves in colours such as parrot green, neon or hot pink. One needn’t stick to black, blue and grey.” Poonawalla also endorses this. She says, “A linen cotton and silk mix would also do; they can be worn by women of all ages. An edgy print, like skulls or a funky animal print, can help make a style statement even when you’re conservatively dressed otherwise.”

>> A suitable fabric is key in a city like Mumbai. Couturier Nachiket Barve explains, “A light fabric — even a blend — would be ideal. A wool acrylic blend can be sported in a chilly evening. Even neoprene is a good bet.”

>> While some of us love the ‘Hunterwali’ look that boots give, let’s admit that we wouldn’t be able to wear them for more than half an hour in the city. Don’t fret, there are better options. Designer Nisha Sainani tells us, “Instead of boots, girls can wear brogues that look semi-formal and very chic. Flat ballerinas also look great with leggings.”

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