What Mumbai eats: Our special on the food habits of people around the city

Apr 20, 2014, 07:37 IST | Sunday mid-day Team

We scoure the streets for the best meals, meets citizens from across work profiles to see what they eat, check out places to buy exotic ingredients and come up with a new recipe or two as well

Mumbai — the city of contrasts, speed and surprises — is united by its love for food and divided by its dietary habits. Some stick to the good, ol’ balanced meal, timing their intake to a tee. Others try their best but sneak in a sweet (or two, or more).

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Model Janvi Turakhia at her residence in Andheri. Pic/ Nimesh Dave

Then there are those who believe in no restraint. Whether you’re a model, a homemaker, a working professional or a store owner who lives and works at the same place, what do your daily meals say about you?

And what does your palate reveal about your lifestyle? We meet Mumbaiites from across the city and backgrounds, with varying levels of physical activity. For all you know, you could spot your own diet mirrored here, and learn a thing or two about fixing the food you consume.

Gitesh Waman Trimbakkar, 34
Profession: Shop owner, lives in the room above the store
Height: 5’4’’
Weight: 65 kg

Shop owner Gitesh Waman Trimbakkar at his home at Ghatkopar. Pic/Atul Kamble

What he eats
6.30 am: Noni juice (health drink, derived from the fruit of the Morinda citrifolia tree)
9 am: 2 idlis and chutney/a plate of poha
1 pm: 3 chapattis, 1.5 bowls of rice, a bowl of dal, a bowl of curd, a bowl of cooked vegetables (dishes cooked with bhindi, doodhi, chowli or potatoes. Thrice a week, Trimbakkar eats fish and mutton for lunch).
3 pm: A muskmelon/2 apples/half a papaya/watermelon
5 pm: A cup of tea with some biscuits
6.30 pm: 2 sada dosas with chutney
10 pm: 3 chapattis and 1 bowl of vegetables
4 to 5 litres of water through the day

Janvi Turakhia, 24
Model , choreographer, artist
Height: 5’6’’
Weight: 52 kg

What she eats
10 am: A double omlette, two brown bread toasts and a glass of orange juice
12 noon: A cup of green tea
2 pm: Two rotis, rice, dal, a bowl of cooked vegetables and curd
4 pm: Cheese and crackers/fruits and green tea
6 pm: A handful of almonds and walnuts
8 pm: Grilled fish or chicken, salad and dessert (loves anything with chocolate)
2 litres of water through the day

Rohit Ved Prakash, 35
Profession: Supervising Producer at The Walt Disney Company India Pvt Ltd
Height: 5’11’’
Weight: 74 kg

Ad man and avid runner Rohit Ved Prakash at Juhu Beach. Pic/Shadab Khan

What he eats
8.30 am: One glass of juice (beetroot/ ginger lemon/celery/tomato/spinach)
10.30 am: Fried egg or masala omelette with toast or a bowl of fruits
1 pm: 3 rotis, dal, a bowl of cooked vegetables, a non-veg dish and a sweet
4.30 pm: Medu vada/chicken cutlets/ fruit plate/sev puri
9 pm: Dal, 3 rotis, a bowl of cooked vegetables and salad
3 litres of water through the day

Rhea Kavarana, 21
Profession: College student (BMM, Jai Hind College)
Height: 5’9’’
Weight: 56 kg

Student Rhea Kavarana at her Cuffe Parade home. Pic/Shadab Khan

What she eats
10 am: A glass of water followed by porridge, 2 high-protein biscuits and a fruit.
12 noon: 2 channa chikkis and til laddoo
2 pm: Junk food, such as a pizza or pasta
5 pm: Moong jor garam, almonds and currants. Snacks on high-protein biscuits and candies such as Mars and Snickers
8 pm: A small portion of grilled chicken
2 litres of water through the day

Prithvi Shaw, 14
Profession: Cricketer
Height: 5’ 2’’
Weight: 47 kgs

Cricketer Prithvi Shaw at MIG club in Bandra. PIC/Atul Kamble 

What he eats
7 am : 1 boiled egg, 1 glass of milk, 1 banana/apple
12.30 pm: 4 chapatis, 1 bowl of cooked vegetables and 1 bowl of dal
4 pm: 1 vegetable sandwich and 1 glass of fruit juice
8.30 pm: 2 chapatis and a bowl of cooked vegetables
3 litres of water and one bottle of an energy drink through the day

Vidya Gunavanthe, 58
Profession: Author, writer and homemaker
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 64 kg

Homemaker Vidya Gunavanthe at her residence in Andheri. Pic/Ronak Savla

What she eats
7.30 am: Idli/dosa/traditional Chitrapur Saraswat breakfast items like Surnoli/dodak with some home-made white butter.
12 noon: A traditional Chitrapur Saraswat thali meal which includes small bowls of Cauliflower Ambat (or dal), Batate (potato) Song, Carrot Kosumbari, Tenle Upkari, steamed rice and/or 2 chapattis, a glass of thick Taak (or buttermilk) or a cup of curd followed by a fruit or sevai kheer.
4 pm: Tea, some biscuits or dosas.
8 pm: 2 chappatis or a small bowl of rice, dal and cooked vegetables.
4 to 5 glasses of water through the day

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