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Jun 14, 2012, 06:40 IST | Gauri Pradhan

Zayed Khan's a travel freak and an enthusiastic adventure sports lover.

He’s travelled extensively around the world and would like to travel around India. Zayed tells CS more about his love for travelling.

My best travel places
My favourite travel destinations are South France, Nice and Monte Carlo. But these are places where grownups go, where I would take my wife. With kids,
I like going to London, Singapore and Dubai. These are places where kids can have fun. In fact some times, I even take my kids to exciting locations where I might be shooting. Apart from these, my best holidays have been at Florida and Miami as we have family there. It’s all bling and so much fun. There are so many festivals and activities going on all the time. But the most memorable ones have been at London, France, Spain and Florida.

No privacy in the country
I would love to explore India, but actors don’t get the needed privacy here. We get ogled at and clicked and stalked all the time. That’s why Bollywood actors either go out of India or have their own farmhouses to sit back and relax. Of course, it’s a part and parcel of being a part of the industry and a fulltime job, but I have no complaints.

The best time
I like going to Kashmir as we have family there too. In fact, the North has so many adventure sports in different parts, like there is river rafting at Rishikesh and trekking at Leh. I have had some of my best times at these places.

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