Arshad Warsi gets a star's treatment at Wai

Apr 07, 2012, 08:25 IST | The Hitlist Team

Staff at a hotel in the popular tourist destination goes out of their way to make the actor feel at home

Every single film that stars Arshad Warsi and has been shot in Wai has coincidentally turned out to be a commercial hit. No wonder the actor feels a connection with Wai, a popular tourist destination in Maharashtra.

For the sequel of a film, he spent two months shooting at different locations in Wai, and now the hotel where the actor has been staying, treats him like their own.

The staff there even knows what he likes and what he doesn’t! Sometimes they even go out of their way to make sure he’s comfortable. After all, he’s their special guest!

Our sources tell us that recently when the actor wanted a treadmill in his room, the staff rushed to arrange for one.

However, upon finding out that the treadmill could not be brought into the room, as it was too big, the hotel staff went to the length of actually having the door removed, taking the treadmill in and then having the door fitted back.

The source from the film’s unit adds, “Wherever we have shot, as we arrive at the location, Arshad bhai will first rearrange his room in case he doesn’t feel the vibe is good.

He carries candles, essence and other items with him from Mumbai. If you walk into his room a day or two after we’ve arrived, it’ll look very different. He even carries a custom-made pillow with him!”

Says producer Vinod Bachchan, “People in Wai love Arshad. They treat him like he’s their own son. It’s rather sweet.

He believes the place brought him a lot of luck and we’re hoping for the same luck with Zilla Ghaziabad. Considering the way most of the action sequences are looking, the gritty feel is maintained thanks to this place.” 

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