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May 04, 2013, 00:52 IST | Kanika Sharma

Advertising professional Roshni Kavina made the gutsy leap from a cushy job to becoming an artist. Two months after starting her online venture � The Next Door Artist � which offers customised hand-painted furniture, Kavina shares how it's growing through Facebook

We can spew out as much venom as we want but Facebook has helped us connect with the guy around the corner or someone at either of the poles. Roshni Kavina, the ex-Creative Director of an advertising agency, has much to thank the social networking site for. After all, her venture, titled The Next Door Artist, deals in custom-made hand painted furniture and retails through her FB page. “You never know who you’re reaching. It’s like a network and right in front of you,” she says. Vivid, multi-hued and in her own words “bold”, her work definitely seems to be on a roll, with The Indian Luxury Expo and Mini Bazaar of Confluence Elite in her kitty.

Roshni Kavina

Rummaging for the transition point from advertising to fine art, Roshni Kavina tells us, “Painting has always been my first love. I had been thinking about it for a year now and tried balancing work with painting, but it wasn’t happening. One day, while lying in bed, I felt that I couldn’t take it anymore. And the very next day, I put in my papers and that was that,” she relates, amidst giggles of freedom.

Ullu, the owl clock (Rs 7,500) with Kavina’s favourite motif of the eyes

Talking about her art, she conveys, “Sketching ideas, picking the right one and executing it is my usual process.” Calling her colours European, fresh and bright, she feels they give many reasons to cheer about. It comes as no surprise when the name Van Gogh pops up as inspiration. Kavina has also painted two wrought iron chairs that are reminiscent of Van Gogh’s famous painting, Starry Night Balance. “I paint oil on canvas and acrylic. For me the first stroke is the last stroke,” she claims. She admits that she chose the name of her venture to emphasise that she is an artist but is also a person who’s very approachable. 

Set of two wrought iron chairs painted by the artist, titled Midnight Moonrise   (Rs 9,800)

Lately, she has been inviting closet artists who, in our dictionary, are the guys that haven’t ‘come out’ with their work in the public eye. Regarding the art world, she voices two of her concerns, “Firstly, most of the artists nowadays are closed about their work and don’t want to share ideas. Secondly, there is a certain kind of people who only go in for purchasing art, which incubates the commercial space. It’s like buying diamonds,” says the chirpy artist.

Hoping to remove all of that, this weekend, Kavina will be showcasing her work for sale for the first time in a physical space, at the Confluence Elite. Enquiring upon the future, her reply comes pronto, “I don’t even know where it’ll go right now. I might even decide to paint a car or a tree or a bridge that I might take a liking to.”

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