As Spielberg chats with Bollywood biggies, filmi scene unfolds outside

Mar 14, 2013, 08:37 IST | Satyajit Desai

In the lavish confines of Anil Ambani's Cuffe Parade residence, Steven Spielberg asked the cream of Bollywood about Indian films. A quick peek outside would have given him a good glimpse of a central character of Hindi films: Maa. Satyajit Desai captured all the drama

Eager for a glimpse of the Hollywood legend, locals flocked outside the residence. The zealous cops flew into action, using their lathis to scare them off, and soon a young lad was caught in the fray, getting involved in a scuffle with the police at the spot

As soon as they tried to arrest the young man, the police were met with a one-woman army: his mother.

The panic-stricken woman unleashed her fury on the cops, arguing with them and protesting his arrest, till her histrionics culminated in a fainting spell

Her exertions paid off. The cops backed off, releasing the boy, who then tended to his saviour

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