At 113.1 dB, Oz dog has world's loudest bark

Mar 26, 2013, 03:29 IST | Agencies

Charlie doesn't bark very often, but when he does you'll definitely know about it.

The six-year-old golden retriever recently earned the Guinness World Record for the loudest bark, registering an incredible 113.1 decibels, the same as a loud rock concert.

It is even louder than the average human pain threshold, 110 decibels. Charlie is owned by Belinda Freebairn, from Adelaide in Australia, who says he developed his deep and very loud bark when he was only a year old.

His bark more dangerous than his bite: Charlie doesn’t bark at home but when he does, his bark is louder than a jet taking off from 300 metres away

Fortunately for Adelaide’s postal workers, Charlie only barks on command. “He doesn’t bark at home at all really, he’s really quiet,” the mother-of-three said.

Charlie’s bark is louder than a jet taking off from 300 metresaway, a pneumatic drill or a helicopter hovering 100 ft overhead. The previous Guinness World Record for the loudest bark was set by a German Shepherd from London called Daz in2009.

His bark was a eardrum-pounding 108 decibels. The world’s loudest living creature is, bizarrely, the tiger pistol shrimp. Native to the Mediterranean, this shrimp stuns its prey with a large claw that shoots jets of water, creating an air bubble that creates a shock wave when it implodes.

Despite being less than an inch long, the creatures can emit an astonishing 218 decibels — louder than a gunshot. The sound stuns small fish and crabs, allowing the shrimp to move in for the kill.

108 dB The sound level of a bark recorded by the previous record owner 

218 dB 
The sound level emitted by a tiger pistol shrimp, loudest living creature

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