At 106, US woman finally gets high school diploma

Mar 16, 2013, 06:46 IST | Agencies

A 106-year-old woman from Ohio who completed classes but didn't graduate in a dispute over a book has finally received her high school diploma

Mount Vernon schools superintendent presented Reba Williams with the diploma on Wednesday at her apartment in Columbus, Ohio.

She even got to wear a traditional graduation cap brought by the retired Mount Vernon English teacher who urged the school board to award the diploma.

Hatke news, At 106, US woman finally gets high school diploma
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Williams said that she completed high school in Mount Vernon but was denied her diploma because she refused to read a final book assigned by a teacher.

She had read the book once and didn’t want to read it again. Williams said that she hopes current students realise that learning is important and that they probably shouldn’t follow her example.

Williams praised the Mount Vernon school system saying it provided students with the opportunity to embark on a lifetime of learning.

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