Baabarr - Movie Review

Published: Sep 12, 2009, 08:33 IST | Bryan Durham

It's all about murder, mayhem and everything in between in India's largest state.

A; Action/Drama
Dir: Ashuu Trikha
Cast: Sohum, Om Puri, Mithun Chakraborty, Sushant Singh, Urvashi Sharma

What's it about:
It's all about murder, mayhem and everything in between in India's largest state.

Baabarr (Sohum) is the youngest of a family of butchers. Pretty lawless as they go, he finds it simpler to wield a gun than a pen, and follows his brothers into crime.

In time, he supersedes them all in number of kills. But he's kind of a wild thing, one that shoots first and asks questions later.

Soon enough, encounter specialist (now the SP) Dwivedi (Mithun) comes to threaten him with dire consequences.

Do your worst, he dares the cop. And then, he goes about making as many enemies as he possibly can.

What's hot: Sohum effectively channels Baabarr's rage but is not an actor to watch out for. The character's hubris is the sole redeeming factor.

The kid that grew up to be a killer had no sob story, no victim-of-circumstance bull-sh**. Baabarr is his own worst enemy.

That said, the film holds up largely because of Om Puri, who makes the second half a must-watch. Tinnu Anand is interesting enough. 

What's not: Mithun mumbles through this one. He's terribly one-dimensional. The gangster-politician nexus is so last century, it's surprising they didn't do anything new with it.
Sohum's loose cannon act gets repetitive after a bit. There's a lot left to be desired here. Also, it could clearly do with  sharper editing.   

What to do: It's grimy and raw. Take a leap of faith and watch this one just once.

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