Baby born with bizarre genetic disorder at Nagpur hospital

Jun 12, 2016, 13:20 IST | Rupsa Chakraborty

Child born with a rare genetic disorder devoid of any skin, with red eyes and lips and poorly developed internal organs. Doctors are dubbing infant as a Harlequin Baby, say it might be the first such birth in India

After waiting for months, when Rama (name changed) delivered her first daughter on late Friday night, everyone including the doctor got shock of their lives after seeing the new born baby, which was born without any skin, her eyes and lips were red and external organs were poorly developed.

After diagnosis it was discovered that Rama had given birth to a Harlequin Baby. The baby born at Lata Mangeshkar Hospital to the farmer couple based in Wadi might be the first Harlequin Baby born in India, according to experts. 

"It's a genetic disorder that child became exposed to. Doctors could have identified it in the fetus if the mother had gone for prenatal checkups," said Dr Yash Banait, who is supervising the baby's health.

Baby born with bizarre genetic disorder at Mumbai hospital

It is a very rare genetic skin disease that occurs in one out of 300,000 new born babies. At birth, the baby's whole body gets covered with thick white plates of skin that develops cracks. Also, other body parts like eyes, mouth, ears, fingers may get contracted. These cracks often contracts infections.

Rama was taken to the hospital at 10.30pm after she complained of labour pain. The baby is now kept in ICU in order to protect her from infections.

Baby born with bizarre genetic disorder at Mumbai hospital

"There is no skin on the body so skin grafting is not a possibility. But thankfully the baby hasn't developed any breathing problems or else we had to keep her on ventilation," said Dr Banait.

The baby would require require proper moisturization throughout her life as she has cracks in her body. In winter, she might face the most difficulty and can bleed from the gaps if not moisturised properly.

In India, treatment of such disease is still limited as per medical experts. "Facilities for treatment of such a skin disease is still available in limited numbers. The facilities are better abroad," added the doctor.

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