Mumbai crime: Driver steals cash of Rs. 18 lakh, keeps in his master's car

Feb 26, 2017, 15:56 IST | Santosh Wagh

Bandra Police has arrested 26 year old driver, who stolen cash of 18 lakh rupees kept in dashboard of his master's car

Fahimuddin Sakir Ali Ansari
Fahimuddin Sakir Ali Ansari

Bandra Police has arrested 26 year old driver, who stolen cash of 18 lakh rupees kept in dashboard of his master's car. Accused and his sisters marriage was scheduled on next month, and was in dire need of money. Accused tried to pose that, the cash has been stolen by some other person, and informed master about is by himself. But after cops inquired him for length, he accepted the crime.

Yakub Kapadia, an owner of 8-10 Beauty product shops in Mumbai. Lives in Vrindavan Society, Mount Mary, Bandra (west). He used to collect the money from his shops after 3-4 days weekly. And keep it in dashboard of his car. On 20th February Kapadia, took the same round and collected the cash amount 18 lakh rupees. he kept the cash along with a mobile in dashboard of the car. Yakub's driver Fahimuddin Sakir Ali Ansari (26), was aware of this.

On next day, Fahimuddin reached his home, and told that, someone has tried to enter or break open the door of his car. Kapadia went downstairs and opened the door of car with the keys, to found 18 lakh rupees and mobile missing. He immediately contacted Bandra Police and registered case. Cops registered case against an unknown person uner IPC 380 (Theft) and started inquiry.

Cops first checked the CCTV of the parking area and found no unknown person entered in the building premises in entire night. Maid's, drivers of other cars along with Fahimuddin were questioned, but nobody knew anything. Cops questioned Fahimuddin at length, as he was the first who saw the car in the morning and reported the incident.

When cops grilled Fahimuddin, he gave vauge answers. Suspisicon grew over him as questioning went further, finally he broke out. "Fahimuddin was getting married in March 2017, his sister was also getting married soon. Family was in dire need of money" told Police sub-inspector Dhanaji Sathe. "Fahimuddin was working with kapadia for two and half years, and he knew that, his master keeps cash in dashboard of his car frequently, he decided to take chance this time"

On 20th February, after reaching home, Kapadia got down from the car and went home, Fahimuddin took the cash and kept in his bag. He pulled out the plastic from the side window trying to pose it as attempt to open the window. He parked the car and gave keys to the liftman, who gave keys to Kapadia. Next day when Fahimudding reached building he called gardener and told somebody had tried to enter the car by unlocking it. Both went to Kapadia and narrated the incident. Kapadia belived the story made by Fahimuddin and reported it to cops. 18 lakh rupees has been recovered from the Fahimuddin with mobile. He was arrested on 23rd February.

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