Bapat to visit Chinchechi Talim to resolve encroachment issue

Apr 26, 2012, 08:36 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

BJP MLA says won't protect party men involved in wrongdoing

The Chinchechi Talim encroachment issue continues to simmer as the PMC is yet to take action against an illegal structure constructed by the traditional gymnasium in Shukrawar Peth despite strong opposition from residents and an RTI activist from the area.

BJP MLA Girish Bapat, speaking on the Chinchechi Talim encroachment issue, said his party will not support party workers indulging in any wrongdoing. Bapat’s assertion comes close on the heels of the BJP corporator from Shukrawar Peth, Ashok Yenpure, supporting the talim trustees over the encroachment issue. Yenpure has taken the stand that the construction of the structure is in public interest.

Political will required here: BJP MLA Girish Bapat, who says he will look at reaching an amicable solution; the illegal construction taken up by Chinchechi Talim in Shukrawar Peth. file pics

Bapat’s statement is the first time a senior BJP leader has spoken on the matter since the issue came to the fore last month. “I am aware about the issue, but never visited the site,” Bapat said.

He added that he would visit the site soon and meet residents of the area, including the RTI activist who raised the issue after discovering the encroachment.

“Our party will never encourage any wrongdoings by party workers and I will make sure the issue is resolved amicably between residents and trustees of the talim,” Bapat said. “It’s true that the state government is thinking of giving funds to the old gymnasiums in the state and Chinchechi Talim is one of them.”

Deputy City Engineer of the Building Permission Department Satish Bhosarekar said the talim trust had submitted around 20 documents, which PMC officials were currently studying.

“We can come to a conclusion only after the papers have been studied,” Bhosarekar said.

Statements allegedly made by PMC officials claiming that they are being pressured to not take action against Chinchechi Talim were roundly criticised by social activist Vijay Kumbhar.

“If PMC officials are not taking action against illegal encroachments and are citing pressure from higher-ups as an excuse, then how can ordinary people come forward to raise their voice against illegal activities?” he asked.  

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