Barely 150 km from Mumbai, 15 children died of malnutrition in the past 2 months

Published: Aug 05, 2013, 08:17 IST | Vinod Kumar Menon

Hospitals overflowing with emaciated children and sickly mothers, rivers and wells full of water that is unsuitable to drink and unimaginable poverty and disease. City editor Vinod Kumar Menon and senior photographer Atul Kamble bring you the report from ground zero in rural Thane

550 kids starving in Jawhar, Mokhada
Young, undernourished women in their teens give birth several times and in quick succession; grinding poverty and rampant unemployment means that their children live in squalor and are denied proper nutrition, safe drinking water, or even breast milk... Read more

In drought or deluge, water woes a constant
It's the proverbial choice between hell and high water for tribals staying in these villages of Jawhar, Mokhada, Vikramgad, Wada, Shahapur talukas in rural Thane, which experience drought for most months of the year. When they do receive water, it is unfit for drinking, and causes water-borne diseases... Read more

We admit 5 patients every day for malnourishment
Dr Sanjay Kawade at Cottage Hospital speaks of the rise in cases of malnutrition in the region and the lack of nutritious food that leads to the problem... Read more

Pics/ Atul Kamble

Netas’ visit leads to cleaning frenzy
Hours prior to Rajendra Gavit and Madhukar Pichad’s visit, workers at Cottage Hospital in Jawhar were busy scrubbing and cleaning the filthy wards, and installing grills, right next to sick children with low immunity... Read more

258 The number of malnourished children in Jawhar in July

291 The number of malnourished children in Mokhada in June

400 The number of children being treated at primary health centres and rural hospitals in the region 

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