Basketball star Deng wants Muamba as his London Olympics guest

Apr 02, 2012, 17:39 IST | ANI

Basketball player, Luol Deng would like to see Muamba on his corner as he plays for Team GB.

British professional basketball star Luol Deng has said that he will invite Bolton Wanderers’ stricken football star Fabrice Muamba to the London Olympics as his guest.

Chicago Bulls forward Deng has called on the Premier League to introduce the same level of heart screening provided to him and other NBA players.
The Sun quoted Deng, as saying: "I am a big Arsenal fan, and like every football follower I hope Fabrice makes a full recovery. The early signs look great, and it would be amazing to think he might play again one day. If he is well enough I''d like to invite him as my guest to come and watch me play for Team GB."
Deng said: "The NBA has this technology where you wear a wireless heart monitor during training. You can monitor everything, see any defect. It''s my understanding some defects only come to light when you work the body hard. This is life-saving equipment."

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