Basking in victory, Rahul Gandhi asks Narendra Modi to tone down arrogance

Nov 09, 2015, 07:34 IST | Agencies

Terming the Bihar triumph a love-over-hate victory, the Congress vice president blamed Modi’s ‘divisive’ politics for BJP's defeat

New Delhi: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said the success of the Grand Alliance in Bihar was a victory against the RSS, the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi

“This is not a victory against NDA, but against RSS, BJP and Modi. It is a message against dividing Hindus and Muslims,” a smiling Gandhi told reporters.

He also congratulated Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Lalu Prasad over the victory. The Congress party was in alliance with the Janata Dal-United and RJD for 243 seats in the eastern state.

“This is a victory of unity over divisiveness. Humility over arrogance. Love over hate. A victory of the people of Bihar,” Rahul Gandhi tweeted. “Congratulations to the people of Bihar, to Nitishji, to Laluji, to the Congress leaders and karyakartas and the Mahagathbandhan on this victory,” he added.

“Since Modiji has become Prime Minister, there have been only promises. Start the work. One year has passed and your car is not starting. Press the accelerator. If you fail to press the accelerator, like Bihar, the people of the country will open the door and throw you out (of the driver’s seat)”, a beaming Gandhi told reporters at the AICC headquarters here as party workers celebrated the Bihar verdict.

Gandhi also wanted the prime minister to either “give up or tone down his arrogance”, noting that it would benefit not only the country but Modi too.

He also advised the prime minister to give up his foreign tours and talk about Pakistan and instead reach out to the farmers, labourers and unemployed youth to whom he had promised jobs.

“The message from Bihar is echoing all over, which is that the prime minister should listen and try to understand... Modi, BJP and RSS cannot divide this country. Cannot win elections by pitting Hindus against Muslims. The nation belongs to all,” Gandhi asserted.

Targeting Modi, Gandhi lamented the way the prime minister had canvassed for votes, saying that it neither enhances either his prestige or that of the country.

Coming out strongly in support of Kumar, he said the JD(U) leader was the alliance’s chief ministerial candidate and, under him, Bihar would continue to witness development.

Meanwhile, asked whether Congress would participate in the government, he merely said it was an internal issue, which would be deliberated upon.

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