Battle for the babies: B-Town's custody battles that made news

May 05, 2014, 12:22 IST | Gaurav Dubey

With fresh rumours of Karisma Kapoor and Sanjay Kapur fighting for custody of their child, we take a look at some dramatic post divorce battles in Bollywood...

An age-old adage goes that marriages are made in heaven. But divorces and the ugly custody battles that follow are definitely man-made. In the wake of rumours about the latest celebrity custody saga between Karisma Kapoor and Sanjay Kapur for their nine-year-old Samaira, the issue comes to the fore again. Sanjay Kapur is said to have filed a fresh petition at the Bandra Family Court for his daughter’s custody. This news came soon after an ugly battle broke out between tennis player Leander Paes and Rhea Pillai for the custody of their daughter, the seven-year-old Aiyana.

Sanjay and Karisma KapoorSanjay Kapur and Karisma Kapoor are apparently locked in a custody fight over their daughter, Samaira. File/pic

Many couples sensitively handle the responsibility of their children even after their decision to separate, but some end up becoming a little desperate, especially after a bitter divorce. A child is obviously a weak point for any parent, so emotions run high when one foresees not being able to spend enough time with him/her.

Leander Paes and Rhea Pillai 

Aamir Khan- Tahir Hussain
Both Tahir Hussain and Aamir Khan filed separate court applications seeking Faisal Khan’s custody.
In a unique case, Aamir Khan fought for the custody of his brother, Faisal Khan, against his father, Tahir Hussain.

While Aamir Khan said in his custody application that Faisal is suffering from schizophrenia-induced fear-psychosis, his father on the contrary, claimed that Faisal is okay and just suffering from depression. The court recorded Faisal’s statement which went against his brother. Hussain won the custody.

Reena Roy-Mohsin Khan

Reena Roy decided to quit films to marry Pakistani cricketer, Mohsin Khan. She soon gave birth to a daughter named Jannat. But the relationship between Reena and Mohsin soured and to her horror, he managed to get the custody of their child. Khan took their daughter away to Pakistan. After years of pining, Reena finally managed to get the custody of her daughter when Khan remarried. Reena promptly brought her back
to India and re-named herdaughter Sanam.

Sanjay Dutt-Richa Sharma’s Family
Dutt married actress Richa Sharma in 1987. Sharma died of brain tumour in 1996. The actor then fought for the custody of his daughter Trishala, who was born in 1988.

But Richa’s sister Ena and her parents put up a tough fight and the custody was finally granted to them. Trishala still lives in the US with her deceased mother’s family.

Raj Kundra-Kavita Kundra

Shilpa Shetty’s husband, Raj Kundra, had to fight for the custody rights of his daughter with his ex-wife Kavita. Earlier, the Walsall county court had granted custody rights to Raj during weekends and weekdays with the mother. But Kavita challenged that decision as she didn’t want Raj to have any rights. The court consented and Raj was then denied visitation rights.

Kamal Hassan-Sarika

In 1988, in a rather dramatic event, Sarika walked out on Kamal taking along her two daughters, Shruti and Akshara. She brought her daughters to Mumbai from Chennai. But later, Shruti walked out of her mother’s home and went back to stay with her father.

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