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Feb 01, 2013, 09:27 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

With attacks on women being on the rise, The Guide offers a checklist of simple tips to protect yourself against potential attackers

In view of the spate of incidents against women, it’s become necessary for them to learn how to protect themselves. Keeping this in mind, there are several options for women across the city to learn techniques of self-defence and arm themselves against potential attacks.

City-based college Symbiosis Law School recently organised a session focusing on prevention of heinous crimes against women such as rape and sexual assault as part of their Law Reform initiative.

Learn the basics of self-defence through training in martial arts or boxing

The programme disscussed the present rape laws in India. The Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies also organised a one-day seminar on women’s safety involving women professionals and students.

If you are alone at work, you can call someone on the phone

Apart from such training and awareness sessions, there is a need for women to be alert and show presence of mind if trapped in a dangerous situation. Here are some self-defence tips you can use:

Ensure the GPS tracking system is working 

>> Carry a pepper spray: Pepper sprays can cause temporary tears, pain and momentary blindness. This short spell can be enough for you to run away from the spot. The pepper spray is handy too as you can easily place it in your handbag.
>> Know your moves: Basic training in karate and martial arts is a necessity now. So, if you don’t know the techniques indepth, at least learn the basics. Even if your physical strength may not be a match for attackers, the smart techniques will come in handy to deflect the attackers.
>> Watch out during night shifts: Make sure that the GPS tracking system in the vehicle is operational. Note the vehicle number and the driver’s number as well. In case you are going home by auto or taxi, note the vehicle number and message it to somebody who knows that you are travelling. If you are alone, call a friend and keep talking on the phone.
>> Keep distance: If you find a stranger following you, do not go by an unknown route in panic. Stay on your regular path and try to find a person nearby. Most importantly, do not hesitate to dial 100. Ask the police for help.
>> Alone in office: If you are all alone in the office, keep all the lights on. Have a conversation with someone on the telephone or the internet. Use safe and reliable lifts/elevators. Be in contact with the guard/watchman of the office.
>> Do not go out with unknown virtual friends. If at all you are going, take a friend along.
>> Inform your family and friends about your whereabouts. Do not keep your mobiles switched off. 

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