Bend it like Beckham in a western musical

Jun 24, 2012, 10:25 IST | Subhash K Jha

Gurinder Chaddha scripts a musical West End stage version of her most well-known film

Gurinder Chaddha has finished scripting a musical West End stage version of her most well-known film, Bend It Like Beckham. 

A still from Bend It Like Bekham

“In a way, Bend It Like Beckham Musical is a homage to the Hindi movies I grew up watching, where all the emotions were expressed through song and music. We even have a song where the father expresses his emotions about his parental duty to his daughter. If that isn’t KL Saigal coming to West End, what is?” says Gurinder. The music composer of the stage adaptation is Howard Goodall and the lyricist is Charles Hart, who wrote the lyrics of The Phantom Of The Opera.

Reveals Gurinder, “Bally Sagoo will add a British Indian flavour. The musical is turning into a kind of Fiddler On The Roof set in Southall with a father lamenting the choices of his daughters and a mother insisting on tradition. When my husband Paul Berges and I were writing the book for the musical, we found it very helpful to refer to Fiddler as it is in essence a very Indian musical.”

Says Gurinder, “We will be going live on our website and
I will be asking anyone who thinks she can sing and dance and play Jess on the West nd stage to upload their audition to the website.” 

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