Big B hands resume to Rohit Shetty

Jul 01, 2012, 07:33 IST | Subhash K Jha

After shooting a song for Bol Bachchan, he handed over 'details of his career' to Shetty

Amitabh Bachchan was so impressed with director Rohit Shetty after shooting a song for Bol Bachchan, that he handed over details of his career to Rohit — just in case the director was not fully aware of Amitabh’s work over the years.

Apparently, Rohit was left acutely embarrassed with Bachchan’s exuberant self-recommendation.

Says a source, “It was a dream come true for Rohit to work with Big B for a song in Bol Bachchan.”

Apparently, Big B had so much fun doing the song that he kept reminding Rohit that he wanted to do a full-fledged film with him. At the end of the shoot, he left his career details for the director to check out.

Confirming this, the Amitabh says, “I enjoyed the experience immensely and, after it was over, I gave my curriculum vitae to Rohit for future consideration, with the hope that he would consider me for his ongoing films.”

Big B had no idea he’d be asked to sing and dance in the number. “I was not only supposed to dance to the song, but they also wanted me to sing it. I shared a great camaraderie with Ajay, Abhishek and Rohit, and the rest of the crew. Everyone had a sense of ownership, and credit for that must go to Rohit’s team.”

We last heard that a deeply obligated Rohit was in frantic consultation with pal Ajay Devgn about a project that showcases Big B’s comic aptitude to the hilt.

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