'Bigg Boss 11': Akash Dadlani stares at Arshi Khan's assets, asks her to sit on his lap

Nov 08, 2017, 16:17 IST | mid-day online correspondent

One of the most controversial contestants on 'Bigg Boss 11' and self-proclaimed 'seduction queen', Arshi Khan, has grabbed headlines yet again, and this time, it is for her sleazy antiques

One of the most controversial contestants on 'Bigg Boss 11' and self-proclaimed 'seduction queen', Arshi Khan, has grabbed headlines yet again, and this time, it is for her outlandish antiques. In an uncut video of Bigg Boss's latest episode, Arshi Khan is seen seducing Akash Dadlani, who was accompanied by fellow contestant Puneesh Sharma. While Arshi was busy doing downright sensuous moves on the song, 'Jawani se ab jung hone lagi...', Akash Dadlani couldn't help but ogle at her assets. He asked her to tear her shirt and show her 'assets' for gaining footage. The moment she noticed this, they all broke into a laughter and continued their dirty dancing. She continued 'Vastav's item number, with her own edition, 'Jawani Se Ab Jung Hone Lagi, Ye C**ddh* Teri Tang Hone Lagi', while pulling Akash's shorts and questioning him if had he worn his innerwear.

Rather, the drama queen tore her satin shirt from the neckline and made it into a plunging line. Known for her loud behaviour, on Akash's command, she agreed to make sultry dance moves for Puneesh and Akash's entertainment. On one side, where Puneesh said that he hasn't witnessed this kind of entertainment in his entire life, rapper Akash couldn't control his laughter. While they both were getting physical, Akash was seen caressing his thigh and laughing out loud when he asked her to sit on his lap. She also spanked Akash and she was heard saying that it's her thread; she can break it whenever she wants to (referring to breaking her shirt's thread). Later, she realised that it was way too much revelation for the cameras and said, "Salman itna marega na (Salman will beat us)." To which Puneesh agrees and says, "Haan, iss baar toh thappad hi pad jayega (Yes, this time we will get slapped)." Host Salman has already warned Arshi for her abusive language in the house.

Arshi Khan is not new to controversies. Arshi Khan has been making headlines for her alleged association with Shahid Afridi for the last few years. On September 8, 2015, Arshi tweeted about her relationship with Shahid Afridi. "Yes, I had s*x with Afridi! Do I need the Indian media's permission to sleep with someone? It's my personal life. For me it was love," Arshi Khan tweeted. Following the revelation, a fatwa was issued against Arshi Khan by a mufti from a Madrassa in Pakistan. Arshi Khan had also received threat calls following her admission of having a physical relationship with the Pakistani cricketer.

In 2016, Arshi Khan claimed that she was pregnant, a statement that sparked rumours of Shahid Afridi being the father of her baby. Arshi Khan, however, didn't clarify at that time if Shahid Afridi was the father of her child. Later, in an interview, Arshi Khan denied being pregnant.

Last year, a video of her stripping for cricketers had gone viral online. Arshi Khan has done several photo shoots, with many of them creating a stir online for posing without any clothes on. One of Arshi Khan's most controversial photo shoots has been the one where she stuck pictures of Pakistani cricketers onto herself.

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