'Bigg Boss 7' Day 5: VJ Andy gets upset over Tanisha. Here's why...

Sep 20, 2013, 16:31 IST | A correspondent

The fifth day inside the 'Bigg Boss' house was filled with action-packed drama

After Gauahar has come from Jannat to Jahannum, the hell-mates seem to be trying to adjust with her. While everybody was sitting in the garden area, Gauahar commented on Pratyusha saying that she is a kid. Gauahar passed remarks on Pratyusha's habits and mannerisms saying that she had expected her to behave like a matured individual. When Pratyusha came to know about it she got upset and asked Gauahar not to interfere in everybody's matter. Gauahar was surprised by her statements but immediately apologised to her and expressed her concern about her health.

Gauahar Khan and Apoorva Agnihotri nominate captains
Gauahar Khan and Apoorva Agnihotri nominate captains

Later in the day, Bigg Boss calls Gauahar and Apoorva to the confession room. Listening to this, Gauahar is delighted and is running around inside the house as it's a deja vu kind of a moment for her. Bigg Boss asks Gauahar and Apoorva to nominate two people from the heaven-side who deserves to be the first captain of the house. After mutual consensus, they nominated Andy and Tanisha. On the other side, Bigg Boss asks the heaven-mates to vote and choose a captain between Andy and Tanisha through a secret ballot. Further, Bigg Boss announces Tanisha to be the captain.

VJ Andy and Tanisha Mukherjee get nominated for captainship
VJ Andy and Tanisha Mukherjee get nominated for captainship

Post this, Andy was seen getting upset over Tanisha being chosen as the captain. He discusses this with Gauahar and mentions that the decision was unfair and everybody is playing a game.

Later in the evening, when Armaan and Pratyusha are having a conversation, Elli joins in and they end up making fun of her. But this time Armaan crosses the limit and is seen mercilessly teasing Elli. She gets upset and tells Armaan that she will slap him if he doesn't put an end to this right away. Elli's statements upset Armaan and he vents out his anger. Elli bursts out crying and everybody is making an effort to calm her down.

This incident then goes on to become a topic of discussion amongst every housemate and they are seen passing their opinion about the same with Andy and Sangram especially getting furious with Armaan's remarks.

The day ends with a surprise where Bigg Boss introduces the wishing wall for the Jannat waasis where they can express all their wishes when the green light is on. Depending on the need of the hour, Bigg Boss will pick and choose their wishes and make them come true. 

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