'Bigg Boss 9' Day 14: Randeep Hooda promotes 'Main Aur Charles'

Oct 26, 2015, 07:47 IST | A Correspondent

Sunday is a day full of anticipation for the Bigg Boss inmates as it is the day of eviction. This week, Randeep Hooda joins Salman Khan to promote his 'movie Main Aur Charles' on Bigg Boss Nau

Sunday is a day full of anticipation for the Bigg Boss inmates with thoughts of elimination constantly running through their minds.

Bigg Boss 9Salman Khan with Randeep Hooda

With  Bigg Boss contestant Mandana Karimi’s co-star Randeep Hooda promoting their upcoming movie Main Aur Charles on Bigg Boss Nau, he is seen commenting upon Mandana and her antiques.

When asked about his costar, Randeep says that Mandana is being herself inside the house and further has a fun chat with Bigg Boss host Salman Khan while he dons the 'Charles' avatar!

Bigg Boss 9Rimi Sen looks visibly annoyed.

Salman pulls a prank at Rimi Sen by giving her 'Ticket to Finale' placard that puts her in the state of absolute shock. As a result, Rimi cries her heart out on not willing to stay inside the house. Keeping fun and games aside, Salman Khan further asks Digangana to pull up her socks and stop behaving like a 'giggly, spoilt kid'. Salman asks Rochelle her opinion on the worst perfomer jodi during the Lagaan task and replies that she was contemplating between Yuvika-Vikas and Digangana-Roopal. Repeating the history once again, the housemates begin arguing about who indeed performed the worst!

Bigg Boss 9
Family panel with Salman Khan

A family panel consisting of Digangana’s mother, Suyyassh's sister, Kishwer’s mother and Prince’s sisters interact with Salman Khan and give their perspective on how their respective loved ones are performing on the show. While Suyyash’s sister and Kishwer’s mother agree that Suyyash is playing the game from his heart, they also say that Kishwer is using her brain and moving up the ladder. Digangana’s mother appears worried about her little princess daughter and asks her to take good care of herself. Prince’s sister requests Salman Khan ask him to keep away from groupsim and bring out his individuality in the game.

Bigg Boss 9
Salman Khan

Showing a montage of Prince’s flirtatious antics, Salman Khan displays several pictures of Prince hugging every female inmate. Gradually moving towards announcing the eliminated contestant, Salman Khan also gives the evicted housemate the power of ‘Bigg Bomb’.

What twist will the Bigg Bomb bring in Bigg Boss Nau contestants’ lives?

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