'Bigg Boss 9' Day 79: Priya creates rift within the cool group!

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Priya spills Cool Group's statements on Prince and Nora's physical proximity and also instigates Kishwer against Rochelle over kitchen duties

The housemates wake up to the song 'Chor Bazari' and the morning starts with Keith and Suyyash discussing how Prince has changed over the period of time. They believe that Prince has taken Salman's words seriously and is thinking that he should be away from the group.

On Saturday, Salman had sung his famous song 'Chand Chupa Badal Mein' for Prince, hinting that his individuality is getting lost in his feelings for Nora. Later, Rochelle also confronts Prince about the topic out of concern but he assures her that he will keep his feelings for Nora separate from the game.

Bigg Boss Day 79Housemates

Finding Prince and Rochelle whiling time away outside, Priya gets mad at them. The two of them are supposed to be part of the cooking team and are not taking their responsibility seriously while Kishwer and Priya are helping Mandana in the kitchen. This leads to a fight between cool group with the captain telling Rochelle and Prince to back off. Rochelle defends herself and tries to justify her actions by saying that she had told the housemates to heat the chicken but they decided to make parathas instead. While Suyyash tells her that her attitude is not cool, Kishwer tells Rochelle that had it been Keith's captaincy, she would have taken her responsibility more seriously. Soon after Priya walks into the bedroom, smiles to Rishabh and says, 'CGC – Cool Group Cracked!'

Bigg Boss Day 79Priya Malik fights with Rochelle Maria Rao

Later in the day, Rochelle enters the bathroom to take a bath when it was supposed to be Priya's turn. This irks Priya as she claims that she had informed Keith that she would be going after him. She knocks the door and creates a huge scene but Rochelle decides to ignore her. Priya further taunts her by saying that Rochelle just wanted to have a bath with Keith. Hearing this, Prince speaks in Rochelle and Keith's and tells Priya that she cannot pass such cheap and personal comment. This snowballs into a huge fight between the cool group and Priya.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 79Priya Malik reveals some secrets to Nora Fatehi

Eventually, Priya ends up telling Nora about the conversation that took place between the housemates about Prince-Nora in the Sky Lounge. After realising that Mandana was the one who commented on Nora and Prince's posture, Nora confronts Mandana and asks her for an explanation. When Mandana says she was only joking, Nora tells her not to joke about a sensitive topic like that. The cool group explains to her that the topic was about Prince and how he has stopped spending time with the rest of the housemates. This hurts Nora and she says that she will stop spending time with Prince if it spoils his game. She breaks down and starts crying even as everyone tries to console her. (Watch video)

Bigg Boss 9 Day 79Rishabh Sinha, Mandana Karimi and Nora Fatehi during the luxury budget task

In the afternoon, Bigg Boss announces the 'jewel thief' task. In this task, the housemates are divided into two teams – the chor team (Keith, Mandana, Nora and Rishabh) and the police team (Rochelle, Prince, Kishwer and Priya) – while Suyyash is the supervisor of the task. There are diamonds laid out across the living area and the bedroom which the chor team is required to steal them. The chor team is given a secret room which the police team is not aware about. Here, the chor team is given an order in which they need to steal the eight diamonds laid out in the house. If the police catch the thieves with diamonds and if they get suspicious about someone, they can arrest the thieves and put them in the jail.

'Bigg Boss 9' Day 79: Prince, Suyyash blast Rishabh for using derogatory words 

First Published: 30 December, 2015 07:42 IST

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