'Bigg Boss 9' Day 88: Prince, Mandana, Kishwer vie for ticket to finale

Jan 08, 2016, 07:52 IST | A Correspondent

Bigg Boss announces the next stage of the 'Road to Finale' task wherein Prince, Mandana and Kishwer have to undergo a test which will determine their mental and physical strength

The wake up song 'Kya Karein Kya Naa Karein' sets the tone for the day even as the housemates wonder what lies ahead of them on the road to the finale. Although it is a brand new day in the Bigg Boss' house, it does not seem like the housemates have moved on in the task from previous evening.

Clearly not fond of each other, Priya and Rochelle vent out their anger against each other's behavior during the previous evening's task. While Priya imitates Rochelle in the kitchen, Rochelle tells Prince and Keith that she is not interested in getting any explanations from Priya. Prince adds that after the show, he will not be interested in staying in touch with her.

Bigg Boss Day 88Rishabh Sinha mulls over his performance in the 'Ticket to Finale task'

During breakfast, Rishabh's method of playing the game is the hot topic that the housemates are seen discussing. While most of the housemates agree that he did nothing during the task and played like a girl, Priya defends him by saying that it was his strategic thinking. Later on, finding that Rishabh is visibly upset, Priya confesses to him that she thought his game was 80 percent defense and 20 percent attack and she further gives him a pep talk saying that he is still in the game.

Bigg Boss Day 88Prince Narula, Mandana Karimi and Kishwer Merchantt get ready for their  final bout of 'Ticket to Finale' task

Bigg Boss announces the next stage of the 'Road to Finale' week. This task is held in the garden area and Prince, Mandana and Kishwer have to enter designated fenced boxes where each one of them have assigned buzzer. After the task buzzer goes off, the first one to press their buzzer will be disqualified from the 'Road to Finale' task but will be allowed to be back in the game. The second person to press the buzzer can leave the house with a total amount of Rs. 6 lakhs and while third person to press the buzzer will the ticket to finale week.

Bigg Boss Day 88Prince Narula 

Upon realising that his friends will stick around in the task for a longer time and will not give up quite easily, Keith decides to support them and hang around in the garden during the course of the task. Later, Priya and Prince get into a heated argument when Priya taunts him about being a bad captain and being too image-conscious. Prince tells her that she has joined the game much later and has no right to pass comments on him. Hurt by Prince's statement, Priya asks him if he means that she is not an equal contender. Mandana intervenes and irritates Priya by saying she entered the game mid-way and it definitely means that she will not be able to match up to the level of other contestants.

Bigg Boss Day 88Mandana Karimi

Later in the evening, Kishwer is seen expressing her thoughts about the game and says that all the contestants except Priya and Rishabh deserve to be in the competition as they have been around in the game since day 1. On the other hand, Rishabh and Priya are hoping that Bigg Boss does not terminate the task looking at the contestants' determination.

Bigg Boss Day 88Kishwer Merchantt

Seeing that nobody is willing to budge and give up on the task, Bigg Boss increases the leaving amount from Rs. 6 lakhs to Rs. 8 lakhs. However, the contestants stubbornly say that they will not leave the house no matter how much amount is being offered. They won't quit the game under any circumstances with only 2 weeks remaining for the finale. As the day draws to an end, Priya bids them goodbye – just in case one of them decides to leave the house in the night. Sticking by his word, Keith sleeps outside with his friends accompanied by Rochelle and Rishabh.

'Bigg Boss 9' Day 88: Prince opens up about Priya using Rishabh

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