'Bigg Boss 9' Day 89: 'Paranthas' turn house into a war zone

Jan 08, 2016, 19:15 IST | A Correspondent

Priya and Mandana's fight reached a silly level when they both bickered over each other's cooking styles. This time, the petty fight over a simple 'parantha' turned the house into war zone

The classic Deewana Mastana song 'Head Ya Tail' wakes up the housemates on Day 89 in the Bigg Boss house. Priya guesses that the song implies that Prince and Kishwer will be put in a spot and will have to take the tough decision.

Bigg Boss Day 89Priya Malik and Mandana Karimi fight over petty issues

Soon after, while Priya is making breakfast, Mandana gets into an argument with her and tells her that she is not using the right method to make the paranthas. While Priya defends herself and says that she is making paranthas for Keith and he always prefers less oil Mandana is insisting on putting more oil.

Later, when Priya's hair touches the flour, she removes that piece of flour and keeps it away – only to get Mandana blame her for wasting food. Eventually, Mandana puts away a little bit of the flour to make paranthas for herself and says that Priya need not cook for her. While the housemates tell Mandana that this is not the right way to behave, Mandana refuses to budge.

Bigg Boss Day 89The burnt parantha

Tired of the ongoing fights, Rochelle asks Prince and Mandana whether they believe that they will be able to survive and win the game. This irks Prince and he tells Rochelle to stop asking him such questions. Later, Bigg Boss increases the offer amount to Rs. 9 lakh and decreases the winning prize amount to Rs. 41 lakh. The housemates discuss how Prince and Kishwer will have to take the decision strategically as the amount also matters. Mandana tries to convince Kishwer saying that if she leaves the house now, she will not only leave with the money, but she will also give Prince a chance to reach the finale. Kishwer insists that she does not care about the money but she wants to reach top five.

Bigg Boss Day 89Prince Narula

Mandana also tries to convince the housemates as to why Kishwer should leave the house instead of Prince. Eventually, Bigg Boss increases the offer amount to Rs. 13 Lakhs and decreases the winning prize amount to Rs. 37 Lakhs. This is when Mandana is seen advising Bigg Boss to announce that they only have an hour to make their decision. Frustrated Mandana takes to mopping and cleaning, even though that is not her duty for the week. Upon seeing her mopping the washroom area, Rishabh tells her that this is his duty for the week and he will do it. However, Mandana insists upon doing it. When Rishabh narrates the incident to the other housemates, they discuss how Mandana believes that she will be the winner and it is her money which is getting deducted from the prize money.

Bigg Boss Day 89Kishwer Merchantt

In the evening, Bigg Boss increases the offer amount to Rs. 15 Lakhs and decreases the winning prize amount to Rs. 35 Lakhs. This is when he also tells Prince and Kishwer that they will have to make a decision on who wants to stay and who wants to leave with the money in the next one hour. He further says that it is better that they both make a quick decision otherwise he will leave it up to the other housemates. The housemates leave the garden area for Prince and Kishwer to take a decision and further change the dynamics of the game for everyone.

'Bigg Boss 9' Day 89: Priya and Mandana fight over 'hair' in parantha

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