Bird calls, and a city in bloom

Apr 19, 2014, 10:20 IST | Dhara Vora

Every summer, Mumbai witnesses a burst of colours and a beehive of activity, courtesy the diverse flora and fauna that breathe new life into the concrete jungle

Flame of the Forest sprouts bright orange-red flowers this season and is known as Kinshuk in Sanskrit and Palash in Hindi. This tree attracts native parakeets. Pic courtesy/Salim Mulla

Many might know that lotus is our national flower, though few know that Taman is the state flower of Maharashtra. This tree is also known as Pride of India and can be spotted across various spots in Mumbai.

The Silk Cotton Tree is a typical deciduous tree that sheds its leaves and has big, dark pink flowers. This tree can mainly be found in the forests around the city and in some areas of Ghodbunder Road.

This week, Malayalis celebrated their New Year, Vishu, which is the name of the flower of the Indian Laburnum. These trees are also known as Amaltas or Golden Shower.

The Rain Tree are big shady trees seen at several places across the city. They are native to Southern America and produce wiry pink flowers.

Plum-Headed Parakeet. pic courtesy/ASIF N KHAN

Coppersmith Barbet

Oriental Magpie-Robin. Pic courtesy/Salim Mulla

Red-Vented Bulbul. Pic courtesy/Salim Mulla

Other flowering trees

Kachnar These are delicate pink flowers whose leaves are similar to that of Apta leaves that are used for Dussehra celebrations.

Indian Coral Tree It has a spiked bark and the flowers are vermillion in colour bordering on red.

Sonmohur One of the most commonly seen flowering trees in the city, the Sonmohur produces yellow flowers and is similar to Gulmohur. This is an introduced tree ie not a native tree.

Wild Jasmine This native tree produces delicate white flowers.

Champak This fragrant flower is commonly worn in the hair by women across India.

Tabebuia This introduced tree produces faint pink-coloured flowers.

Pongam Karani This tree is found in forests, and its seeds are used to produce medicinal oil.

Ukshi Creeper These flowering creepers produce whitish green flowers and take support of big trees. When the creeper climbs on two neighbouring trees, their outward appearance bears the flowers of the creeper, making them
look similar.

Kumbhi This tree produces greenish white flowers similar to wiry flowers of the Rain Tree.
teak tree blossomsbonfire tree

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