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Jul 06, 2012, 08:13 IST | Agencies

Milkha Singh, the 'Flying Sikh' did not win a medal at the Rome Olympics, but broke an Olympic record

Milkha Singh, the ‘Flying Sikh’ did not win a medal at the Rome Olympics, but broke an Olympic record. Finishing fourth in the 400-metre event, in which Otis Davis of USA won the gold medal, Milkha ran the distance 1.2 seconds faster than the 1956 gold medallist, Charlie Jenkins!
A bespectacledCuban athlete by the name of Dayron Robles, looking more like a white-collar executive, won the 110-metre hurdles gold at Beijing.
Swimming events of Athens 1896 were held in the sea near the port of Piraeus. The water was so cold, it is said, that American pole vault champion, William Hoyt who wanted to compete in one of the swimming events, dived in and immediately leaped out, not able to bear the
Perhaps the funniest moment of the 2008 Games came when Cuban Taekwondo competitor, Angel Matos, who was disqualified for taking too long to get treated for an injury in a bronze medal bout, kicked the judge square in the face, leaving him bleeding profusely from his lower lip. Matos has since been banned from competition for life.

Extracted with permission from The Games by Austin Coutinho. Published by Popular Prakashan. 

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