Bittoo Boss - Movie review

Apr 14, 2012, 06:01 IST | Shakti Shetty

The most memorable part of Bitoo Boss is the word 'sesky' which the lead actor uses to pronounce sexy

In fact, it’s the only thing that wasn’t clichéd. Having said that, expecting too much from a film on the basis of its promo is clichéd too. And the filmmakers can’t be blamed for that!

Set in Punjabi heartland, a wedding procession is delayed thanks to someone’s absence. This person must be important, as he’ll be recording stuff that will be later watched, relished and laughed at by the family members and friends. So the lull continues for a while and then enters —Bittoo the videographer. As expected, the background score roars. Everybody’s delighted. But this excitement doesn’t last long. At least if you are in the audience’s seat.

Written and directed by Supavitra Babul, Bittoo Boss is essentially a video of this young man who wants to make it big in life. Fortunately, being blessed with a heavy conscience he won’t stoop too low to get what he desires.

Unfortunately, it’s going to be a tough ride. For both parties involved —the makers as well as the viewers. The storyline manages to change location from Anandpur to Delhi to Shimla and back, but the tempo somehow remains the same throughout.

To begin with, the screenplay is sloppy. Dialogues are forgettable due to the avalanche of hamminess dripping from most people on screen. On the brighter side, the music is peppy and in congruence with the emotions.

Pulkit Samrat who plays Bittoo couldn’t have asked for a better debut considering he was last seen in a saas-bahu soap. He exhibits raw potential and unlike his co-stars, restrains himself from overacting.

Overall, he is only bound to mature if more such opportunities come his way. Amita Pathak who plays Bittoo’s overbearing love-interest, is spunky but does not arrest attention. She also happens to be the film’s producer Kumar Mangat’s daughter.

An interesting find is another debutante Ashok Pathak who plays a loyal sidekick to Bittoo but commands giggles when he attempts straight-faced humour. And even when he fails miserably at it!

Bittoo Boss is reminiscent of Band Baaja Baaraat in more ways than one but don’t take that as a compliment. It could have done a lot better in terms of entertainment, if nothing else. Perhaps making a memorable movie wasn’t part of the plan. 

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