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Mar 11, 2014, 09:22 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Check out an exhibition in Pune of rare photographs by Sorabji Jehanjir who was Chief Magistrate of Baroda. The images are more than 140 years old and are a must-watch for history buffs

You can catch a glimpse of some rare photographs by heading to an exhibition of images by Sorabji Jehanjir, Chief Magistrate of Baroda. Some of the images are more than 140 years old.

Rare photographs by Sorabji Jehanjir

Dominic Corda, who has collected the images, says, “It is my passion for rare photographs that encouraged me to collect these photos which can be rarely found in India.

The photographs being showcased at the event are part of a larger collection of portraits of Indian princes, nobles, statesmen, philanthropists, officials, and eminent citizens.

Corda adds that there will be 13 rare photos of important personalities such as the Late Nawab Sir Salar Jung, Lord Reay, Sir James Fergusson, and Sir Dinshaw Manockjee Petit.

“These are the men who represent the real India according to me and so I feel that their photos must be seen by people for inspiration. The people from whom I got these did not know their importance and so sold it off to me easily,” he admits.

The images were originally published in 1889 by WH Allen & Co, London, in a book titled Representative Men of India.

Till: March 15, 10 am to 6 pm
At: Buena Vista, Saint Patrick's Town , Hadapsar

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