Body found stuffed in suitcase: Cop calls murder suspect for a chat, alerted he flees town

Oct 10, 2013, 00:32 IST | Shiva Devnath

Instead of going out and nabbing suspect, police constable dials accused's mobile, asking him to report to the police station; accused switches mobile off and is now untraceable

Almost a month after they goofed up by alerting one of the accused in the Shakti Mills gang rape case, who later went into hiding, Mumbai police has gone and committed the same folly again.

Gruesome: The body of Malwani resident Alam Abdul Rehman Khan was found stuffed in a suitcase at Malad (W) on Sunday morning

After getting leads of the possible involvement of a habitual offender in the Malad suitcase murder case, a police constable called him up on his mobile phone and asked him to come over for a chat to the police station. Hours later, the accused switched off his phone, alerted his other two accomplices and fled the city.

According to the mobile tracing software, their phone was last switched on in Pune, and they are probably heading towards Kolkata.

On Sunday morning, the body of a man, who was later identified as Malwani resident Alam Abdul Rehman Khan (32), a tailor by profession, was found stuffed in a suitcase, which was dumped near a nullah in Malad (W).

According to the police officers from Bangur Nagar police station, they found Khan’s body wrapped up in the suitcase and his throat had been slit. Cops found out that the last person to call him was a lady named Nagma, who resided near his house. Investigations also revealed that the deceased was having an affair with Nagma and her daughter Chandni. After a murder case was registered, cops started inquiring about Khan’s affair with Nagma’s daughter.

Nagma told them that despite Khan’s proximity to her, he was having an affair with her daughter who was married to a man also named Alam Khan.

Nagma further told the police that her son-in-law was irked when he caught the two together a few times.

“Nagma told us that three days prior to the murder, Chandni had left for their native place. Her absence from the house may have given the killers a chance to plot and execute the murder,” said a police officer from the Crime Branch.

Crime Branch officers who were conducting parallel investigations in the case scanned through the files of on record criminals, and came across Khan’s name who was listed as a chain snatcher. They suspected that Khan could be the killer.

One of the constables who had Khan’s mobile number called him up and asked him to come to the Crime Branch unit-XI office for a chat. A few hours later when Khan did not turn up, the cops began tracing his mobile phone’s location, which displayed that he crossed Pune and was heading towards possibly Kolkata.

Further enquiries also revealed that he had probably alerted his two accomplices who police believe had a role to play in the gruesome murder. Police said the two acquaintances -- Sheru and Sikander -- have also fled from the city, and the trio may have set out together.

Deja Vu
The goof up is a reminder of the Shakti Mills gang rape case that occurred in August 22, wherein Kasim Shaikh managed to evade the cops after he was alerted by a phone call from a police constable posted at Agripada police station. One of the constables, Mujawar, saw the sketches of the accused and realised that Shaikh resembled the sketch.

Kasim had a criminal record and Mujawar knew he spent time at the mill. He called up Kasim’s mobile and asked him to come to the police station for some personal work. Kasim got suspicious and went to Nair Hospital to sleep in the visitors’ room, evading the police for some time. He was later arrested on August 24. 

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