Bollywood stars recount their favourite Raksha Bandhan memories

Aug 10, 2014, 09:00 IST | Asira Tarannum

On Raksha Bandhan, we ask siblings in Bollywood to share some of their memories of the festival


In LIFE, one the most special relationships is one between a sister and a brother. Over time, Hindi cinema has celebrated this bond in several films. But how close are actors to siblings in life? We ask some folks from B-Town about celebrating Raksha Bandhan and their fondest childhood memories.

Anjali Hooda Sangwan on her brother, Randeep Hooda
I have so many lasting memories with Randeep as we grew up.

Randeep Hooda (standing) with his mom, brother Sandeep and sister Anjali
Randeep Hooda (standing) with his mom, brother Sandeep and sister Anjali

During our student days, Randeep and I lived in a hostel. Our parents would send us clothes from abroad, and he insisted I wash them by hand. Then, once, we had gone to Haridwar with our mother, and we fought for a pair of shoes. He would get his girlfriends home and I had to lie about them. I remember him pulling my hair and me running behind him with a broom! Our relationship has never been better than it is now. I moved back from the US two years ago and now, whereever I go, I am ‘Randeep’s sister’. I visit Mumbai once a month to see if everything is running smoothly at his home. I have an 11-year-old now, but Randeep is my first child.

Two years back, he gifted me a lot of cash on Raksha Bandhan, saying he was making up for the past years.

When he was promoting his film Jism 2 in 2012, it was around Raksha Bandhan. He wore the T-shirt which had the logo of my health clinic, and I was so touched. Elder sisters are always protective, but I try not to get into his personal space or treat him like a kid.

Randeep Hooda on his sister Anjali
My sister inspired me to act in films. When she bagged the Best Actor award in a play which we both acted in, I realised that if she can do it, so could I.

Randeep Hooda with sister Anjali Hooda Sangwan
Randeep Hooda with sister Anjali Hooda Sangwan

As kids, I vividly remember fighting with her over shoes. My younger brother and she often ganged up against me. I also remember taking all my clothes to her for the laundry and all the girls in the hostel’s waiting room would pull my cheeks.

These days, no matter where I am, her rakhi always reaches me on Raksha Bandhan. The only thing which has changed is that now, instead of giving her R1-2, I can give her more cash.

Rajkummar Rao on his sister, Monika Yadav
Monika and I had massive fights during summers about who would sleep near the cooler. I remember how, when Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja released, we played the tracks and danced on them. We copied Sridevi and Anil Kapoor.

Rajkummar Rao (right) with sister Monika  and brother Amit
Rajkummar Rao (right) with sister Monika  and brother Amit

Now, I can’t be with Monika during rakhi, but she always sends me one. We emotionally depend on each other and she is my best friend.

Monika Yadav on her brother, Rajkummar Rao
Every time Rajkummar bunked classes, our parents were called to school. And he would tell me to go and meet his teacher.

Rajkummar Rao (right) with sister Monika  and brother Amit
Rajkummar Rao (right) with sister Monika  and brother Amit

During summer, we would take turns to sleep right in front of the cooler as Delhi was too hot. But if I woke up to drink water, he would sleep in front of the cooler and refuse to budge. Once, I was performing in a play where I died and he was in the audience with my mother.

He wept! I now teach in a school, and for the Raksha Bandhan, we played Phoolon Ka Taaroon Ka and I had tears in my eyes. I missed Raj so much. He had signed his first film around Rakhi and I told him that was his best gift to me. Everyone now recognises me as Rajkummar’s sister and I feel proud of that. It is a joyous feeling.

Sana her brotherSooraj Panscholi
Sooraj was the naughtiest kid ever and always messed things around. He would lodge a chewing gum in my hair when I was asleep or constantly mess with my Barbie dolls. Yet, I pampered him a lot and never took his pranks seriously.

Sooraj Panscholi with his sister Sana
Sooraj Panscholi and Sana as children

Sooraj was a huge animal lover and we had homeless cats and dogs living with us. We also had chickens running around the house and five hamsters in our bathtub for almost a year. I don’t expect any gift from him on Raksha Bandhan. I am still so protective about him and don’t even let my parents shout at him.

Sooraj Panscholi on his sister Sana
When Sana and I were younger, we went to school and tuitions together. Once, she fought with my tuition teacher for scolding me!

Sooraj Panscholi with his sister Sana
Sooraj Panscholi with his sister Sana

We fought on silly things, like who our parents loved more. I irked her by hiding her Barbie dolls, even burning them. Even though Sana is older, I feel like her elder brother. If am upset and have to talk to someone, it’s only Sana I reach out to, and the same goes for her.

Sana was the one who was there for me during a bad phase in life. She never accepts gifts from me on Raksha Bandhan. In fact, she is the one who gifts me every year. She once gifted me a PlayStation, too.

Krishna Shroff on her brother Tiger
I bullied Tiger miserably as a child, but I also showered him with affection.

While watching cartoons, I would massage his feet and he would freak out. I always wanted to be around him. I was a tomboy and I even played football with his friends.

Krishna and Tiger Shroff
Krishna and Tiger Shroff in their younger days

Today, I am one of the few people he confides in. He is a perfectionist and knows how to achieve what he wants. Our relationship is stronger since I returned from university. He is protective but not the typical possessive elder brother. This Raksha Bandhan is special — this is the first time he will gift me from the money he earned with his film!

Tiger Shroff on his sister, Krishna
As children, Krishna and I fought over who loves mom and dad more. Krishna is younger, but she always won because she was bigger. She could pick me up and toss me around. I would run to our mother and she followed me to beat me up.

Krishna and Tiger Shroff
Krishna and Tiger Shroff

Still, Krishna is my best friend, my biggest supporter and at times, she tells my parents that she will manage my career. We share everything about our lives. I used to be possessive about her, but not anymore. After Heropanti released, her expectations have increased. She wants a car! I try my best to make her happy.

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