Bomb hoax near Koregaon Park: Poster image inspired prank?

Oct 08, 2012, 06:31 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

Contraption consisting of red pipes, watch-like article, wires triggers panic; cops say object looks like picture of bomb on awareness posters put up by them in city

A contraption consisting of red pipes held together with a watch-like article and some wires that was kept on the compound wall along Mangaldas Road near Koregaon Park gave rise to a bomb scare in the area yesterday morning.

It turned out to be a false alarm, and the police said a prankster might have created the object to look like the picture of a bomb shown on awareness posters put up by the police in the city. 

The police display the object that was found

The discovery of the object had sent shockwaves through the locality and turned a lazy Sunday morning into a buzz of activity with all senior police officials arriving at the spot.

Trigerring panic: A bomb squad member goes over the object found yesterday on a compound wall along Mangaldas Road

The Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS) rushed to the spot and checked the object thoroughly, finally concluding that it was a false alarm; officials of the bomb squad decided to treat the call as a hoax.

The police, who had received a call from a passer-by about the suspicious object a little before 8 am, said that they had taken serious cognizance of the matter and that they believed somebody might have placed the contraption in the open just to play a prank.

The police poster for awareness

“The police control room received a call from a passer-by at 7.55 am after he spotted a bomb-like object kept on the wall alongside the Mangaldas Road,” Additional Commissioner of Police Chadrashekhar Daithankar said.

“Immediately, a team of the BDDS and senior officials rushed to the spot and banned the entry of vehicles from both sides on the road.” He said that after checking the object for almost 30 minutes, the BDDS ruled out the possibility of explosives.

“There were only six red pipes and two wires, and it was all attached to the watch-like object,” he said. “The object was without explosives, detonators, splinters and other material which go into a bomb.”

Daithankar said the object was not hidden and instead was placed on the wall in such a way that anyone could notice it.
Deputy Commissioner of Police Ramnath Pokle said it seemed somebody had seen the picture of a bomb on the awareness posters put up by the police in the city after the JM Road low-intensity blasts. Pokle said it was likely that the prankster made a lookalike of the bomb shown in poster and kept it on the wall to create panic.

PI Shivaji Kamble of the Koregaon Park police station said after the incident a police team along with the BDDS and dog squad checked all big hotels and commercial places.  “We have started the investigation and an offence will be registered against an unknown person for the prank,” he said. 

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