Brave jeweller grabs robber's knife, gets him arrested

Apr 05, 2013, 06:50 IST | Shiva Devnath

Foiling a daylight robbery attempt at his Vasai store by two men, a 43-year-old obstructed a knife attack by grabbing the weapon and the attacker all in one fell swoop

A daredevil jeweller from Vasai managed to save the day, and his life, from two robbers who had entered his jewellery store to loot it. He caught hold of one of them after gripping his knife by the blade, and got him arrested. Cops nabbed the other thief later at a nakabandi.

Vasai robbery
While accused Vinod Salunkhe threatens the salesman with a sword he was carrying, his partner Shabaz Malik points a knife at storeowner Kharvar

The incident took place at 2 pm on Thursday at Dhanlakshmi Jewellers. The shop owner Kishan Singh Kharvar (43) was sitting at the counter of the showroom, when two men arrived in a car outside and entered the store. They asked the only staff member present besides Kharvar to show them a gold ring.

Vasai robbery
Resolving to take a stand, Kharvar grips Malik’s knife firmly, grabs him by the collar and pins him down

“I did not suspect any foul play and was busy at work when one of the two men removed a sword from his back. When I protested, his accomplice threatened me with a knife and told me to sit down,” said Singh. The robber with the sword then took the salesman to one room and locked him inside while the other held down Kharvar. The duo began collecting the jewellery on display and dumped it in a bag they were carrying.

Vasai robbery
Meanwhile, Salunkhe makes a run for it with the booty he had packed in a bag, leaving his accomplice in Kharvar’s grip. The absconder is nabbed by cops at a nakabandi a few hours later

Kharvar said he couldn’t just watch while his shop was being looted so he stood up to protest. “As soon I got up, the robber with the knife panicked and came towards me, pointing the weapon at my stomach. I responded within a second by gripping the knife, and began shouting for help. The robber got scared and tried to pull the knife back but I held him tight.

Kishan Singh Kharvar
Kishan Singh Kharvar shows his bloody hand

My hands were bleeding but I did not loosen my grip and raised an alarm, listening to which the locals came to my rescue,” said Kharvar, who has been admitted to a nearby hospital. “There was a car waiting outside for them with two men in it. The robber with the sword managed to get away in the car along with the booty. I handed over the other one to the locals,” added Kharvar. The locals beat him up before the Waliv police arrived and took him in custody.

“We arrested the robber, identified as Shabaz Malik, from the spot. Since he was beaten up, he has been admitted to the hospital. On investigation, we got the number of the Honda Accent car, which was used by Malik’s accomplice for fleeing. The police arrested the accomplice as well within two hours at a nakabandi. He has been identified as Vinod Salunkhe,” said a police officer from the Waliv police station. 

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