Brew the perfect cup of coffee with these easy-to-use gadgets

Sep 12, 2014, 08:45 IST | Hassan M Kamal

This Saturday, head to the western suburb to learn how to brew a great cup of coffee at home using some inexpensive gadgets like Moka Pot and AeroPress

Looking for a no-fuss coffee brewing machine or want to know how it works? Head to the World Tea and Coffee Expo currently going on at Goregaon Exhibition Centre. The three-day expo, which began yesterday, will have coffee brewing expert Jignesh Shah introducing Mumbaikars to three easy-to-use coffee makers.


Shah says that coffee culture is mainly categorised into three eras based on how coffee was promoted. “The first wave was aimed to promote coffee as an instant pick-me-up commodity, and existed till the 1960s. The second wave came into being from the 1960s until the 1990s, when people began to identify coffee by different regions of origin and focus on enjoying its taste. (It was also the same period when coffee chains like Starbucks rose to prominence and is identified by espresso drinks and flavoured lattes. The third wave, from 1990s onwards, is identified by its special focus on craftsmanship in coffee and its appreciation in the line of wine,” informs Shah.

A classical Italian Moka Pot
A classical Italian Moka Pot

The three coffee machines that Shah will explain at the workshop are the widely appreciated AeroPress by Aerobie, the Moka Pot, which was invented in the 1930s by Italian inventor Luigi De Ponti and a coffee maker from Japanese company Hario. “These three machines are either hand-operated or can be used on a gas stove or induction heaters, and make coffee and tea brewing a fun and learning experience,” adds Shah.


Shah, also the founder of Jewel Aromantic, a coffee products supplier, informs that most people in India rely on expensive espresso machines or instant coffee powders. “There are several gadgets, which are not only inexpensive, but also brew good quality coffee. They are easy to operate, and run without electricity. Besides, you can carry them anywhere you want,” says Shah.

On: September 13, 11 am to 12 pm
At: Goregaon Exhibition Centre, Hall no 2, off Western Express Highway, Goregaon (E).
Entry: Free

Where to buy?

AeroPress is available at the expo at a special discounted price as well as on Amazon and at Zen Cafe in Worli.
Call: 24984825
Rs 2,499 Moka Pot is available via Jewel Aromantic.
Call: 7666029029

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