Bringing Eva to life

Apr 10, 2012, 06:41 IST | The Special Team

Ricky Martin plays the role of Che and Elena Roger will play Eva Peron in the latest version of Evita, which returns to the Broadway stage after 3 decades

Here’s a peak at Evita’s life:

Eva Maria Duarte was born in a poor village, Los Toldos. At the age of 15, she seduced singer Augustin Magaldi to take her with him to Buenos Aires, where she soon found work.

Eva also known as Evita had a big dispute with Argentine actress Libertad LaMarque, which caused LaMarque to be blacklisted by the Peron regime. Lamarque later settled in Mexico.

She inspired the rockopera and the movie Evita (1996). She was also portrayed by Faye Dunaway and Madonna.

After her death, her body was embalmed by doctor Pedro Ala.

Evita founded the Maria Eva Duarte de Peron Foundation in 1948 and created the Female Peronist Party, which was the first large female political party in the nation in 1948. She was also the vice-president of Argentina briefly.

Shortly after her death, plans were made to construct a memorial in Evita’s honour. Before the monument was completed, Juan Peron was overthrown in 1955 and he hastily fled.

The new authorities removed Evita’s body from display and its whereabouts remained a mystery for 16 years. In 1971, it was revealed that the body was buried in a crypt in Milan, under the name Maria Maggi. The body now rests in her tomb at La Recoleta cemetery in Buenos Aires. 

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