Bruni's French dig at Hollande

Mar 18, 2013, 04:04 IST | Agencies

Former French first lady Carla Bruni (in pic) has reportedly taken a swipe at French President Francois Hollande, depicting him as a bumbling buffoon with no manners in a song that features on her new album.

The lyrics of The Penguin were released on Friday and immediately interpreted as an attack on the man who succeeded her husband, Nicolas Sarkozy, as France’s leader. The former super model sings, “He takes on the airs of a king/but I know, the penguin/doesn’t have the manners of a lord.

Carla Bruni

Hey penguin!/If one day you cross my path again/I will teach you, penguin/I will teach you to kiss my hand.” French media saw the lyrics as a reference to Hollande’s frosty treatment of his outgoing predecessor on the day he took over as president, notably declining to accompany Sarkozy to the car that carried him away from the presidential Elysee Palace.

In French, describing someone as a penguin implies they are both clumsy and a little ridiculous. The Penguin is one of the tracks on Little French Songs, Bruni’s fourth album.

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