Businessman, family caught hiding gold in their undergarments

Sep 12, 2012, 11:57 IST | Bipin Kumar Singh

Customs intercept city-based business family at Mumbai airport on Tuesday night and find them hiding 21 kilograms of gold jewellery in an attempt to avoid paying duty.

The Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) of Mumbai airport Customs arrested three family members of a city-based business family, who hid 21 kilograms of gold jewellery in order to evade duty.

Gold jewelry
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Some of the jewellery was hidden in their undergarments, sources revealed.

The businessman, who is an exporter, arrived in a SpiceJet Dubai-Mumbai flight Tuesday night.

He, along with his wife and daughter, was intercepted at the Customs by deputy commisioner Sameer Wankhede. They were made to undergo a detailed screening.

"During a detailed screening, large amount of gold jewellery was found in the inner pockets of his clothes and also in his undergarments. His wife too had concealed gold in a similar manner. His daughter was wearing jewellery around her neck and had covered it with a shawl, This too was recovered," a senior Customs official told this newspaper.

The family later confessed to the AIU that they had done this to avoid paying duties.

"They have accepted their mistake and during interrogation they said that it was a deliberate attempt to evade duty," the official further said.

The family which was arrested under different provisions of Indian Customs Act was later granted bail by the appellate authority of Customs.  

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