Bust crime with Satya Police

Published: 11 December, 2013 04:02 IST | Hassan M Kamal |

After a year-and-half, Satya Police, the winner of the Comic Con grant for unpublished works, is ready. Hassan M Kamal spoke to its creator, Mohit Srivastava

He is strong like the Superman, fast like the Flash, and carriesheartache like the Batman. But he is neither alien, nor a result of a science experiment, and does not even carry hi-fi gadgets.

He is a police inspector, who never takes off his cap, fights with his boomerang and derives super strength from truth.

Meet Satya Police aka Inspector Satyajit Bhargava, the newest Indian superhero on the block. Created by Mohit Srivastava, an animator-turned comic book writer, Satya Police is the first comic book, published under the grant for unpublished work started by Comic Con in 2012. After a year-and-half, Satya Police, is now available at comic bookstores.

Why the delay?
The author grew up reading comic books from Raj Comics, and idolising Frank Miller at a later stage. So, Making his own comic book was always a dream. Hence, when Satya Police came up, he took liberties to make it as good as he could. “I put aside a lot of stuff. We created four drafts of the story and explored three different artworks before selecting this version. Hopefully, the next book will be easier to make,” he adds.

Mohit Srivastava

The inspiration
Having grown up in Lucknow, where corruption is common, Srivastava says the idea of Satya Police was always at the back of his mind. “I have seen people angry and frustrated with the police in Lucknow. But I didn’t want to talk about the bad things. Instead, I created a police officer who is everything the real ones aren’t,” he reveals.

The author says that it was difficult to draw a character like Satya Police, and so he worked extra hard to create the main character. “He has a strong body, is an introvert, and is filled with rage. He is a surreal character with elements like white shadow that is unaffected by bullets.

He is scary, but at the same time the only hope against crime,” he adds. Srivastava has finished work on two more chapters of Satya Police, and hopes to release these in 2014, as work on the fourth chapter continues. 

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