'Chandni Bar' producer's son files complaint against sequel makers

Mar 19, 2016, 08:30 IST | Anirban Das

The producer's son of a Tabu-starrer, 'Chandni Bar', files a complaint at IMPPA against the makers of the sequel; latter claim that the film isn't a sequel at all

It was reported that Mumtaz Ahmed is producing a sequel to Madhur Bhandarkar's 'Chandni Bar' (2001) to be directed by Harish Kotian. However, Amit Mohan, son of the original film's producer, late Lata Mohan, claims to hold the copyrights of the film currently, and he has filed a complaint at the Indian Motion Picture Producers' Association (IMPPA). In his letter, Mohan has mentioned that he was surprised to know that Chandni Bar's sequel is being made without his permission.


"I have filed a complaint at IMPPA on March 17. They (members of IMPPA) had a meeting and they will be taking some action against the defaulting producer. It's a copyright and trademark violation. They have admitted that they are making a sequel to the film," says Mohan adding that he is willing to drag the producers to court, if need be. "I am considering two lawyers, one in Mumbai and one in Delhi, " he says.

Mohan says that he along with the original film's director Madhur Bhandarkar is planning to produce the sequel. He says, "We are planning a sequel ourselves. A film with a similar title will not only be harmful, but also entail losses to us. The title given to the producer should be revoked and he should be put on a default list so that he cannot make the film."

Different tale
When contacted, the producer and director of the second part who had earlier reported to have confirmed that they are making a sequel to 'Chandni Bar' are now refuting any such claims. "This is not a sequel. The complete title is 'Chandni Bar 2 Ruby Bar' and if people are considering it a sequel then it's their mistake. This is a different story," says Mumtaz Ahmed.

A still from Chandni Bar and (right) Tabu who featured in the 2001 film
A still from 'Chandni Bar' and (right) Tabu who featured in the 2001 film

Harish, who had earlier said to have gone on record to say that his film is a sequel also claims otherwise. Both of them also mentioned that they are unaware of the complaint filed against them at IMPPA.

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