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Jun 14, 2013, 00:02 IST | Kanika Sharma

NGO Express is a new bi-monthly print and online magazine that is started by the three Pratap siblings who have put their lock, stock and barrel to make you think with a difference

Ever thought about small and medium Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) that are in your vicinity? How such constructive efforts and means to strive against all odds mostly go unnoticed, when they are perhaps in front of our eyes? Delhi- based Pratap siblings — Pallavi Pratap, Prachi Pratap and Prashant Pratap — did not only ponder over this fact but change makers that they are actually went ahead and did something about it in November 2012.

Hailing from diverse backgrounds, Pallavi is an investment banker, Prachi a freelance journalist and lawyer; while Prashant is a doctor. They joined hands to bring awareness about non-profit setups. Pallavi shares, “My mother has been running an NGO Evam Shishu Sewa Sansthan for ten years, catering to UNDP and World Bank projects. However, we realised that efforts such as ours had been going unnoticed for a long time.”

The three took the courageous plunge with the “little savings that they had” as Pallavi puts it. Another reason why she feels such a magazine will click with people is, “Most of the times people think of making donations, they think of the top 10 NGOs. But the ones that are making efforts at the grassroots level often are unaided.”

The magazine is filled with reads of profiling efforts, people, the judicial system to showcasing riveting books and commendable films that should be caught for their treatment of the subaltern. Treading uncharted terrain, Pallavi feels that they have been growing with every issue and importantly, through teething issues.

The magazine a bi-monthly, which stresses on the factor as the 1,000 NGOs they have managed to put on the map were personally met and interviewed in “every nook and corner of the country”.  Leaving no stone unturned, they have officially covered the stores in Delhi/NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Karnataka; have tied up with and will soon be hitting the Wheeler bookstalls across India's railway stations.

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