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Jul 30, 2013, 08:23 IST | Kanika Sharma

Yes, I am the Change, a unique film competition aims to discover, film and share positive social activities from all over the country

If you think you have what it takes to film an inspiring story in 101 hours, you should sign up for Yes, I am the Change film competition. Organised by MAM Movies, the competition is open to amateur as well as professional filmmakers, all over the country.

Participation to the project is open to anyone living in India, from seven to sixty years of age, and will take off online on August 15. Around 300 filmmakers have already registered for the competition; the participants will be divided in teams as per their geographical location. Each team will get a topic and the challenge will be to shoot the film within 101 hours.

Madhusudan Agarawal, creative director of MAM Movies, and also the brain behind the competition says that the aim is to bring out positive stories from the society, and at the same time get inspired during the filming process. “As per a UN survey, the basic necessity for a human being is not food or shelter, but expression in order to fill that void in us. The process of telling a story itself leads to inner transformation and therefore, change,” he adds. Agarawal narrates several moving experiences such as of his friend Rustom, who is paralysed from waist down but wanted to participate in the project. Initially reluctant to film an animal cause, Rustom’s wheelchair perspective provided new insights into animal behaviour, making his film a sure-shot award-winner.

Govind is part of a group called Ram Ram Udaipur and he shoots positive stories from the local community with just three fingers

All the resulting films will be screened as a festival in October in Mumbai as well as other parts of the country. The films will also be distributed in various institutions including schools and colleges to create an indelible impact in making a difference.

Last date of registration July 31; LOG ON TO 

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