Chinese teacher sacked for sexual misconduct

Jun 29, 2012, 13:49 IST | Agencies

A teacher in a Shanghai school was fired from his duties after some of his male students accused him sexual misconduct.

A teacher was fired from a Shanghai school after some of his former students took to the Internet to break their 15-year silence on his alleged acts of sexual misconduct.

Zhang Datong, 64, has been stripped of his post as vice principal of the No 2 Middle School affiliated with East China Normal University, Xinhua reported.

He is under investigation for his alleged conduct that violated the teachers' code of morality, school authorities said.

Zhang's dismissal came after more than a dozen of his former male students accused him of sexually molesting them, triggering public outcry in the microblogging sphere.

Zhang did not confirm or refute the accusations. He said he was "in talks with his former students" on the issue. 

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