Cleaner nabbed for triple murder

Jan 07, 2013, 06:40 IST | A Correspondent

Cops say Pravin Sonavne held grudges against the victims who would pull his leg every now and then; he killed them to avenge humiliation

Two days after the bodies of three employees of the Natraj Bar in Vidyavihar were discovered on Saturday, the police team arrested Pravin Sonavne at 2 am on Sunday for the murders. He was arrested from Girgaum Chowpatty after the team traced his cellphone location.

Pravin Sonavne
The accused, Pravin Sonavne, was arrested from Girgaum Chowpatty after police traced his cellphone

Police officials said the deceased and the accused were employees of the bar. While the victims had worked for over 5 years, Sonavne was hired as a cleaner just two months ago.

They said Sonavne killed Basant Madoria, Raja Dhakolia and Bhaskar Dalvi to avenge the humiliation the trio had subjected him to since the time he joined. Officials also said Sonavne had threatened the trio of dire consequences the previous night, but the three ignored his warning.

Additional Commissioner of Police Quaiser Khalid said, “We were interrogating all the bar employees. We discovered that Pravin was missing and had switched off his cellphone. We immediately put his phone on tracking. He was frustrated with the three, as they would pull his leg every now and then. He held a grudge against them and took the drastic step to avenge the humiliation.”

Khalid said the murders occurred at 4.20 am on Saturday after Sonavne entered the hotel premises by climbing the garage wall. He said, “After entering, he immediately hit Madoria, who was asleep, with a bamboo on his head. Hearing the sound Dhakolia woke up and tried to escape but Sonavne caught him and stabbed him. While exiting the hotel, he killed Dalvi.”

Police officials said after killing the trio, Sonavne boarded a train from Vidyavihar station. He met his female friend with whom he consumed alcohol and left for Girgaum Chowpatty from where he was arrested. Asked about possible involvement of others in the crime, Khalid said, “We are investigating each and every possible angle, as it is difficult to believe that once person can stab three people more than fifteen times.”

The police team recovered the knife Sonavne bought from Manish Market on Friday and watches and mobile phones that belonged to the victims. The piece of bamboo Sonavne used to kill Madoria was recovered from the spot itself. He was booked for murder and robbery. 

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