Cockroach makes its way into the order of a customer at Mumbai mall outlet

May 19, 2013, 04:00 IST | Iram Siddique

A fun outing at a city shopping mall turned sour for Thane resident Sudhish Sudhakaran yesterday after he found a cockroach in a paratha from food outlet Only Parathas at Atria Mall, Worli

Luckily, the 28- year- old spotted the roach when he was about to take his first bite. He immediately brought the incident to the notice of the manager, who allegedly did not take heed, as he was busy taking orders. Action was taken only after he formally registered a complaint with the mall authorities.

Cockroach found in customer's food at Mumbai mall outlet, Atria Mall, Only Parathas
A dead cockroach (circled) on the paratha at an outlet of Only Parathas ini Atria Mall, Worli

“ The mall is sprayed with pesticides every day, and it is mandatory for the food outlets to carry out precautionary pestcontrol measures twice in a month, according to the norms of the mall. This incident is entirely due to a lapse on the part of the food outlet, as we had already sent a notice,” said Rakesh Gaikar, hospitality and cleanliness in- charge, Atria Mall.

According to the mall authorities, Only Parathas had already been issued a notice for cleanliness and hygiene. “We did receive a notice. We recognised that there was a problem and took appropriate measures. On May 8, a pest- control team had been called and medicine had been sprayed,” Abhishek Kataria, operational head, Only Parathas, who also apologised to Sudhakaran.

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