Conman hides from cops in kitchen of court's canteen

Jun 11, 2012, 06:50 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

After an FIR was lodged against him for trying to sell off his landlord's bungalow to two property dealers, cops traced him to Bandra court � looked for him all day, to find him crouching in the kitchen at 8 pm

There was high drama at the Bandra court on Friday morning, when the Vakola police arrested an alleged conman after he slipped through their fingers and went into hiding inside the kitchen of the court canteen. He was nabbed at 8 pm on the same day. The accused Tulsidas Nair (42) a resident of Sunder Nagar, Kalina, has been accused of cheating his landlord by trying to sell off his property to two property dealers.

Even as they were registering an FIR against Nair in a cheating case on Friday morning, cops received a tip off that he had stepped into the Bandra court. Illustration/Amit Bandre

The complainant in the case, Tarvinder Pal, is the owner of a garment business, and registered a case against Nair on Friday morning. The case took an interesting turn even as the cops were registering the FIR against Nair. “While we were in the process of registering an FIR, we got a tip-off that the accused was in Bandra court. Accordingly, we dispatched a team of at least five policemen to the court, who carried out search operations. As the team was unable to locate him, we cordoned off the area,” said police inspector Jitendra Pawar of the Vakola police station.

They immediately dispatched a search team, who cordoned off the court premises and searched every nook and cranny of the court all day, but without result

When it was time to change shifts for the cops at 8 pm, they decided to look inside the court one last time — only to find Nair hiding in the kitchen, hiding his face with a piece of cloth. Investigations revealed that Nair has been involved in other dubious deals as well. Even earlier, he had shown the same dealers a plot near the police ground in Kalina. The deal for the plot was finalised for a sum of Rs 2 crore, and Nair got a commission worth Rs 17 lakh for the same. According to cops, Nair was visiting the court on Friday morning to seek protection from the police, as he felt that his life was under threat from some locals.

Around 8 pm, at the fag end of their shift, cops finally found him crouching in the kitchen of the court canteen

The case
Nair has been living as a tenant in the second floor of a bungalow owned by Pal for the past two years. On Friday, Nair brought the two dealers — Anwar and Fahim — allegedly with the intention of selling them the bungalow. After looking around, the two dealers started taking photographs of the bungalow. Realising what was happening, Pal asked them to leave. A verbal tussle ensued, and soon the two dealers reached Vakola police to registered a non-cognizable complaint against Pal. Pal followed close on their heels and reached the police station, to lodge complaints against the two dealers as well as against Pal, for trying to sell off the property illegally. Pal said, “Nair has illegally and forcefully tried to take my bungalow. He often brought local goons and mentally tortured me. I don’t know where to go — this bungalow is mine and I was born here.”  

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