Cool scoops for summer

May 06, 2013, 00:09 IST | Sandeep Kolhatkar

If you are into all things quirk, then it's time to spice up your ice-creams. This summer, the Guide gives you the dope on some unconventional variants that boast of ingredients such as chilli and paan masala

Fancy a Pudina Chocolate ice-cream?
The idea of using spices in an ice-cream might sound strange to most, but a lick will remove all doubts. So, ditch the usual ice-creams and make a beeline for Zaika Spice Cream to try their ‘spicy punch’. You can choose from varied flavours like Jaiphal (Nutmeg ), Thandai (Spice Mix), Dalchini Lavang Shehed (Cinnamon Clove Honey), Elachi Strawberry (Cardamom and Strawberry), Pudina Chocolate (Mint Chocolate), Kesar Aam (Saffron Mango), Kesar Badaam (Saffron Almond), Coffee Kela (Coffee Banana) and Elachi Kaju (Cardamom Cashew). The outlet claims that the spices used are brought all the way from Kerala. The ambiance is rustic and the ice cream is served in bowls made from coconut tree branches. All the ice creams are priced at Rs 40 per scoop but if you want to sit and eat indoors you have to shell out an extra Rs 20 per scoop (which is only mentioned when you are given the bill). Instead, we would advise you to sit in front of the outlet where some chairs are arranged.
At: Zaika Spice Cream, Shabree-Sharvaree Restaurant, 1199/1A, FC Road, Deccan Gymkhana;
Timings: 12 pm to 12 am
Call: 32929452

Ice-cream at Zaika. Pic/Imzanglu Aier

When a lady finger turned into an ice-cream
Ice & Spice, like its name, scoops up unique vegetable-flavour ice creams such as chilli, ginger, garlic, coriander, lemon, mint and lady finger ice cream. The spicy-sweet green chilli and lemon flavours are the best of the lot. The roadside ice-cream parlour’s offerings are priced at R30 per scoop and they even serve regular ice-cream flavours and ice golas.
At: Ice & Spice, Sai Sudarshan Caterers, opposite FC College Main Gate.
Call: 9689229995

Representation Pics

Munch on a Paan
Masala Ice Cream

After having a hearty meal, if you are in a fix on whether to have an ice-cream or a paan, Shreeji Ice Cream has a solution for you. The brand, which has multiple outlets in the city, has recently introduced a unique combination of ice cream and paan masala. The ice-cream has ingredients such as cinnamon, betel leaf, rose petals and other mouth fresheners. It costs R35 per scoop and is served in cups as well as cones.
At: Shreeji Ice Cream, Paud Road, Kothrud.

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