Cops don't want media to film rave party raids

Mar 02, 2013, 07:26 IST | Akela

DGP's circular says telecasts or photography of rave parties compromises privacy of the innocent; bars police stations across the state from inviting media on raids

In order to reduce the backlash cops in the state have to earn for insensitive busts on parties, the Maharashtra police wants media to keep off its raids on raves. The office of the director general police (DGP) has issued instructions to all police stations, asking them not to allow video shooting or photography by media persons of its forays on rave parties or similar private gatherings.

Rave party
A circular issued by the DGP directs all police stations across the state not to invite media, especially electronic media, during raids on raves. File pic

This is purportedly being done to protect the privacy of guests, who may be innocent. A circular issued on February 15 by the special inspector general (IGlaw and order) of Maharashtra police Deven Bharati directs police stations across the state not to invite media, especially electronic, during raids on rave or hotel parties.

“The circular will be abiding in Mumbai and the entire state. We issued circulars that police should not invite electronic media during raids,” said Bharati. The directive, a copy of which is with MiD DAY, argues that the media flash scenes from rave parties or faces of attendees on TV, and the reputation of those who are not guilty suffers on account of this. So it has been deemed appropriate to ban coverage of such parties.

Last year, additional commissioner of police (west region) Vishwas Nangre Patil had faced flak for such coverage. The circular goes on to state that rave party culture is catching on in the state with more vigour. Youngsters are evermore participating in such parties where narcotics are dished out freely. In view of this, authorities have formed special investigation teams in all police stations in the state to keep watch on them. 

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